Back to school: Books for teachers and administrators

Here are a few books that those in the education biz should have on hand. If you are a parent with a kid in school, consider giving a copy of one or more of these books to your school’s life science teacher and a key administrator or two.

A classic reference, the number one book you should have handy on your shelf if you area life science teacher or an administrator that oversees a life science department, is Evolution vs. Creationism: The Book by Genie Scott. The second edition is better (because it is more update) than the first, but if all you can manage is a used copy of the first, then go for it, it is way, way better than nothing.

Creationism’s Trojan Horse: The Wedge of Intelligent Design is a must read for admins. If you are a life science teacher and you are not certain that your administration is fully behind you teaching good science and could possibly be swayed or influenced or cajoled by creationist elements in the community where you teach, make sure a copy of this book finds its way onto the desk of said administrators and/or the school board superintendent or similar person.

The Devil in Dover: An Insider’s Story of Dogma v. Darwin in Small-Town America was written by someone directly involved, as a member of the community and as a reporter, with the Dover Trial. It changed her life, and the decision rendered in Dover, if you are a Life Science Teacher in the US changed your life. Never forget Dover.

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2 thoughts on “Back to school: Books for teachers and administrators

  1. Dear Greg:

    Iâ??ve written you, and you fail to respond. You, just like Dr. Eugenie Scott, are avoiding the person that would prove your premise to be in error. Dr. Scott has been ducking me for more than four years. I have asked her time and again, for a public forum, to compare the tenets of evolution, to the â??Observations of Mosesâ?, which is the correct opposing view to evolution.

    I wish you guys would shut your mouths, and face the music, instead of running away all the time. Creationism, as it is currently taught, is both false and foolish. However, the correct rendition of Genesis is literally true. What parents ought to do is insist that administrators stop trying to force the religion of Atheism in schools, and allow the truth of Genesis to be presented.

    Both Creationism and Theology have no clue to what Moses was writing about. The presentation called â??Observations of Mosesâ? removes all confusion between what is written in Genesis, and what science has discovered. This is what you, Dr. Scott, and school administrators, are shielding from the public. You are not interested in the truth of the prehistoric past. You want to deny the existence of a Creator. That is your agenda. I challenge you to prove me wrong.

    Herman Cummings

  2. However, the correct rendition of Genesis is literally true.

    Sure…if you squint at it right, and change the meaning of the words using 20-20 hindsight to kinda sorta conform to what science already shows, and call that the “correct (‘extraordinary?’) rendition of Genesis,” then yeah, you can pretend the Bible got it right all along. But that’s just a useless act of mental masturbation that contributes NOTHING to either science or Christian spirituality.

    Genie Scott was right to ignore you. She probably gets tons of letters from ridiculous cranks like you, and probably has neither the time nor the need to separate the BS from the death threats. Now get off your delusional high horse and go back to bed.

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