The Mabus Maneno

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See Case Study: How a notorious spammer was brought down via Twitter for a rundown on the recent events related to Dennis Markuze a.k.a. Dave Mabus.

I still don’t agree that it was Twitter that brought Mabus down. Yes, it was the medium, and a very powerful one at that, but it was carrying a very important message. Those tweets could have been phone calls to similar effect, I think.

Anyway, thanks to Tim for all his great work on this. This is an excellent work of documentation and analysis.

Now, with respect to Mabus himself …. we play the old waiting game…

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3 thoughts on “The Mabus Maneno

  1. Perhaps not phone calls, but emails certainly. It seems as if one of the tipping points was the journalist and the police getting threats directly from the suspect. That wouldn’t have been likely with phone calls.

  2. Well, that’s some good news – maybe he’ll finally get the expert supervision he needs. Although loonies aren’t always dangerous, some imagine that they’re some sort of hero and somehow invincible, invisible to the enemy, etc. Markuze actually showing up at that event with PZ etc. in Canada suggested that he might be at that stage when he mixes with the enemy and comes out alive – obviously a sign that the gods favor him, blah blah blah. Some time in the future that could develop into him doing “god’s will” and killing people.

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