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In case you’ve been living in a well insulated cave, you need to know about Freethought Blogs Dot Com at, which is where PZ Myers, Ed Brayton Digital Cuttlefish and some others are blogging.

Also, Sheril Kirshenbaum has departed from Wired and has started her own blog, A Culture of Science.

Check them out!

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3 thoughts on “New Blogs

  1. I apologize for being off topic but I thought you may be interested in these two links.

    The first is about a Japanese nuclear expert talking to the Japanese parliament about Fukushima.

    The second link is to a report that states:
    “Tokyo Electric Power Co. was struggling to determine the cause of the highest radiation levels detected at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant since the disaster started March 11.

    TEPCO said Aug. 1 that radiation levels of at least 10 sieverts per hour, or 10,000 millisieverts per hour, were found at piping connected to the main exhaust tower between the No. 1 and No. 2 reactors at the Fukushima plant.

    That level of radiation would mean death if absorbed all at once. TEPCO officials have not yet determined its source.”

    FYI -just in case these are news to you.
    Sorry to butt in.

  2. Meh, I lost interest in Kirschenbaum years ago. I was only one of many who would point out that she was simply wrong on topics (such as her hysterical blog about increased rates of breast cancer in her small town when the actual data suggested that the rates were average if not ever so slightly below average and not doubling as she claimed). Now it wouldn’t be so bad if she didn’t make such obvious mistakes so frequently, but the worst thing I find about Kirschenbaum is the censorship. It doesn’t matter if you’re polite and all that, any comments addressing incorrect claims simply disappear. Why bother with a blog which only allows comments with the One True View? However I do get the impression that Mooney was far more assiduous in censorship – so much so that he would delete even the most innocuous posts which might hint at a disagreement. I was going to say “and let’s not forget that fatuous catastrophe ‘Unscientific America'” – I thought twice about it and decided it is in fact best forgotten.

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