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Michele Bachmann doesn’t really care about bullies, or if bullying leads to really bad things happening to children, because there is no bully bill in the US constittuion and it’s natural anyway. Here’s the audio of her senseless yammering about how an anti bulling bill could lead to the boys all turning gay.

Move over TED, make way for BILL.

Don’t drop the anchor of a ship that is running if you’re just some drunk guy on the cruise. Like this:

Hat tip Kevin

Interesting graphic on the deficit and what has made it as large as it is.

RIP, Len Sassaman: cypherpunk and anonymity hacker

Finally, sign this petition to end DOMA.

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4 thoughts on “AudioVideo Things to Hear and See

  1. Grrrr….. Totally apart from her ridiculous (and repeated, so obviously it’s important to her) concern about anti-bullying programs screwing up gender roles, Bachmann is *seriously* using a slippery slope argument against anti-bullying programs, right alongside a Nirvana fallacy — we can’t achieve zero-tolerance of bullying, therefore this is all a great waste of time. It’s odd, because I have great loathing for zero-tolerance policies, but for entirely different reasons than Bachmann. Me, it’s not because completely eradicating bullying is impossible. It’s because such policies often hurt the victims worse than the bullies, and frequently attack the innocent bystanders.

  2. Boys fight! You know who fights? Soldiers! FOR AMERICA!

    You know who doesn’t fight? Girls and queermosexuals.

    Bullying leads to fighting, ergo bullying turns boys into soldiers. Not bullying makes them not fight, which makes them totally into one another’s penises.

    It’s science!!

    (Now I’m going to listen to Bachamann and see if her nonsense is at all similar to the nonsense I just posted here)

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