Yeah but … how do you pronounce S/2011 P1?

They won’t let Pluto be a planet but it still bears the responsibility of having moons, and until just now there were three known moons of the tiny non-planet, named Hydra, Charon and Nix.

Now there are four, and the fourth one is called Essslashtwoohoneonepeeone.

They are working on another name. Bad Astronomer has details about the new find.

There is some difficulty in coming up with a name since the theme of the existing names (night-based Roman mythical character) is tapped out. I was thinking it should be called one of the following:

  • Fifi
  • Dinah
  • Ronnie
  • Or, to be funny, Milton

Or, to be more accurate in terms of size and such, maybe just “Pluto’s Kid Brother” or “k.b” for short.

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4 thoughts on “Yeah but … how do you pronounce S/2011 P1?

  1. I really think these names are strange. The other moons are named after the greek mythologie, then why shouldn’t they name P4 after it? I think Ceberus is a nice name, since Ceberus is a dog … somehow.

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