Evolution & the Tree of Life: Endless Forms Most Beautiful

Darwin developed his theory of evolution from a famously simple tree of life drawing. How has the study of evolution and the inter-connectedness of species changed with modern DNA technology? How has exploring genetic relationships shaped how we now view ourselves and how might that be expressed in art?

Lynn Fellman is a multiple media artist and designer who works with scientists to communicate their research. Her work focuses on evolution and the human genome. From research to sketches to completed digital art, she’ll explain how her process engages the people in the DNA portraits in genetics–becoming informed advocates for science. See examples on her website www.fellmanstudio.com.

Dr. Scott Lanyon served as Director of the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum of Natural History for thirteen years before becoming Professor and Head of the Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior in 2008. Using DNA sequence data he and his colleagues develop an understanding of the tree of life which he then uses as the foundation of his studies of behavioral and morphological evolution in birds.


For more information about the Beaker and Brush Discussions, visit http://www.smm.org/beakerandbrush.

Beaker and Brush Discussions are co-sponsored by the Science Museum and the St. Paul Art Crawl

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