A New Blog Network is Borned!

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Scientific American has launched a new blog network.

Here is a post by Bora Zivkovic announcing the network, and here is the press release.

Today Scientific American launched a new blog network which unites editorial, independent and group blogs under the magazine’s banner. The community of 60 bloggers provides authoritative information and insights about science and technology, and their roles in global affairs. The blog network, overseen by Blog Editor Bora Zivkovic, who serves as moderator for the community, encourages discussion and facilitates the exchange of ideas with both the bloggers and Scientific American readers.

There are a lot of great bloggers on the network … see Bora’s post for a list.

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7 thoughts on “A New Blog Network is Borned!

  1. I had thought that NatGeo was going to be the Lone Ranger for ScienceBlogs and revive it.

    I looked through the new blogroll and found some great blogs on there, two especially interested me because of my connections with the bloggers: Glendon Mellow and Kevin Zelnio.

    I need to be two people now. One who works for a living, and one who reads science blogs for fun. There are getting to be so many out there I barely have time for Tumblr or Twitter.

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