Art and Human Evolution at the Black Dog Cafe

Please join Abbi Allan and me at the black Dog Cafe next Tuesday.

Art and Human Evolution – June 14, 2011

6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Are humans the only creatures who create art? At what point in human evolution did artistic creations become separate from tools, become art for arts’ sake? What in us is so driven to create?

Dr. Greg Laden is a biological anthropologist who has done research in human evolution as well as eco-tourism in South Africa. In his own words: “I think of myself as a biologist who focuses on humans (past and present) and who uses archaeology as one of the tools of the trade.” .

Abbi Allan is a visual artist and sculptor whose work is “an expression of the fragility of living things inspired by the world’s biological forms.” She received her MFA in sculpture from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and has exhibited in galleries across the U.S. Read more about her at and view her work online.

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5 thoughts on “Art and Human Evolution at the Black Dog Cafe

  1. Oooh right now I wish I could be there but I am an ocean away sadly. the origins of art was my my PhD research.

    Will this be available on any online format?

  2. So, Richard, before tuesday night, could you please summarize the origin of art in a comment???

    I don’t know of an online format but maybe there will be something that the Science Museum arranges. I’ll certainly be blogging about it.

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