5 thoughts on “Someone is wrong on the Internet! And they should just get over it.

  1. Yes, she’s wrong. She takes a few ideas that are likely true and possibly true and then takes these threads and tries to weave an entire wardrobe.

    Looney Tunes is only funny to 6 year olds? Pretentious schmuck.

  2. I like the imagery of a bubble of the present around us, and trying not to live that way because it makes us think whatever we’re doing is right.

    Reminds me of Marshall and Ted on How I Met Your Mother leaving their problems aside for those suckers, Future Marshall and Future Ted to solve.

  3. Not only that, but Road Runners can barely fly (though they can kill snakes). And a window we could see perfectly out of our consciousness would be perfectly transparent, not translucent. Hah!

    She is right about some things though, including the idea that being a little less afraid of being wrong lets you see otherwise hidden possibilities. I would add that being terrified of being wrong makes it almost impossible to think scientifically. You won’t look for errors that you believe you can’t possibly be making.

  4. “Right now, I can’t think of anything I’m wrong about.”

    Oddly, I’m wondering if she always finds things the last place she looked.

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