6 thoughts on “Is this for real or is this a scam?

  1. Who is she? Where is she supposed to be? I can’t understand half of what she is saying. For someone who is (supposed to be) doing so much crying, her face is suspiciously unswollen, and no redness in her sclera or around her nose. Face twitch…so what, that could be anything. If she can talk that well, she can swallow, people who have difficulty swallowing talk ‘differently’, you can tell. Call me suspicious. :/

  2. I’ll interject that I happen to know that Gwen has seen a lot of upset crying people and stuff, so I’m evidence, though circumstantial and unverified, seriously.

  3. That rash could be Staph and it doesn’t look serious. The twitch doesn’t look serious either, and her pupil is NOT unequally dilated, as she claims. They are both the same. This smells scammy and scummy.

  4. I don’t get what she is saying, because she is so hard to understand. Is she saying that after the interview with Al Jazeera then a plane flew over her and dropped chemicals on her? Seriously? Or did I mishear her? Is she trying to say that BP is after her?

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