Elizabeth Taylor has Died

i-f8ca7f00f1150337e63227aed838d318-aliz.jpgShe was a major film (and stage) actress of my parent’s generation. She was the ultimate “leading lady” and as such often played across her sometimes husband, classic “leading man” Richard Burton. She is famous for having been married and divorced more times than anyone else ever (an exaggeration), but more importantly she’s famous for having starred in a number of classic and defining roles.

Che was a child star (Lassie Come Home, Jayne Eyre, National Velvet, etc.) and played a diversity of roles as an adult. Her classic performance in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? won her an academy award for best actress. Earlier, she had won best actress for playing Gloria Wandrous in Butterfield 8. She was from Kansas and a Dame.

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2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Taylor has Died

  1. Actually, the title of the movie is “BUtterfield 8”. Note the capitalized “U” in the title; it’s the name of an old-style telephone exchange.

    (I’m a hopeless movie geek…it may be sad, but it’s true.)

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