Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App

Following an online petition and a wave of complaints, Apple has removed a so-called “gay cure” app from its App Store.

Launched last month by Exodus International, a ministry that encourages gay people to seek “cures” for their homosexuality, the app triggered a huge outcry from Two Wins Out, a nonprofit group with the stated goal of fighting anti-gay religious extremism.

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6 thoughts on “Apple Pulls Anti-Gay App

  1. They got the name of the organization wrong. It’s not “Two Wins Out”, but “Truth Wins Out”, which abbreviates to TWO.

    Still, it’s good to know that Apple nixed it; it’s a hoax, devised by vile charlatans.

  2. I was amused at how quickly the Bible thumpers glommed onto the thread to push their “love the sinner, hate the sin” foolishness as justification for a “treatment” that no ethical therapist would use.

    Exodus International’s treatment is based in Christian theology and “psychology”. Their standards for “cure” are very low; they do not publish followup studies in peer-reviewed journals. The product makes false promises and perpetuates harmful stereotypes.

    Through the Barbra Streisand Effect, perhaps Exodus International gained some publicity, but at least this way Apple has honestly washed their hands of it. Anyone who does contact them will now do so without first paying the app download fee.

    Thanks for covering this, Greg. Thirty years ago, I would not have imagined this level of acceptance! Yes, it does get better.

  3. What is amazing is that, having blamed Steve Jobs (currently not working full time, or basically at all) you’ve pointed out that Apple has removed the app… But there’s no mention of Steve Jobs!

    The guy is crafty, he’s a real woo-meister.

  4. Rick,

    I didn’t blame Jobs for the app. I credit him for the policy (which I did not criticize), and it was indeed his policy. No one at apple gets credit for being shamed into doing the right thing after royally screwing up, and at no point have I done anything wrong.

    Nice try, though. I’ll be you use a one button mouse!

  5. Rick, I don’t believe for a moment that Steve had anything personally to do with either decision about the app. He’s got plenty of smart people working for him to make such decisions.

    And just settle down: the decision was purely business-driven. Colorado for Family Values informed us in 1992 that gay people have a lot of money (and therefore, so the “logic” went, don’t need civil rights). Why market to fundagelicals who don’t buy iPads anyway?

    (My mouse is a two-button Logitech with a scroll-wheel. It is plugged into a MacBook Pro.)

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