Traumatized by the Ultimate Truths: Happy Birthday DuWayne Brayton

Today is DuWayne Brayton’s birthday. His web site is here, but his best writing is in comments on my blog!

Happy Birthday DuWayne. Many happy returns. Though I actually have no idea what that means, and assume it has to do with gift receipts.

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2 thoughts on “Traumatized by the Ultimate Truths: Happy Birthday DuWayne Brayton

  1. Thanks Greg. I don’t think I can return most of the gifts I have gotten this year – especially the gift of a good friend helping me build the apartment for the boys and I, asking little in return. I definitely don’t want to give back my gift of a boys free weekend that I will get at the beginning of next month.

    Now I must get the boys together and get some wiring done. My goal is to put the breaker box cover back on for the last time and possibly get one of the egress windows boxed in. I’m putting in 2x12s up as a retaining wall, stepping them out a few inches to make planters out of the steps.

    Good times, good times.

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