17 thoughts on “A Christian Perspective on the Japanese Earthquake

  1. I’ve got to believe it is a very badly done, insensitive, Poe, because to think anything else, is to give up on a good portion of humanity..

  2. “Peter, you do realize Greg is popular with a subset of science and..”

    I realize that, but being a week behind PZ – inexcusable…

  3. I almost took this down from my site, but there was too much truth in the parody. It’s a good example of Poe, considering all the times that Christians have credited their loving god for earthquakes and hurricanes and massive deaths.

    Peter, who gives a shit besides you? Sometimes I put up music videos from 60 years ago. It’s blogging, not tabloid journalism.

  4. Peter, you have an interesting view of how the Blogosphere operates. Good of that’s working for you. I am curious, though. If what I’ve done is “inexcusable” what is the punishment you wish me to suffer?

    Emory, nicely done.

    It was actually Julia that sent me this (about a week ago, but that version of the video was dissapeared on YouTube so I put it aside). She’ll be glad to hear it’s a Poe. Or Troll. Or whatever. Kinda had to be. It was too good. Bad good.

  5. I fell for it too, originally until word got out that she admitted she’s a Poe. Obvious satire is OK but Poes muddy the water. Plenty of horrible, real examples to choose from. YMMV…

  6. Peter, let me tell you what is odd about your comment. I just read on Pharyngula about Utah making a “State Gun” symbol. That happened several days ago and was noted on Greg Ladens facebook feed. Over the last month I have noticed many times that Laden blogged something then two days later Pharyngula did. Dispatches from the Culture War blog notes news items a few days or even a week later than others on Science Blogs, all of the time.

    Yet you have never noted this or complained. For an Internet copy you are not very good at what you do!

  7. Uh, the girl who “admitted she was trolling” was not the same tamtampamela who made the original video. Amazing you didn’t notice that? Anyway, the “admitted she was trolling” girl has since tried to make it explicitly clear that she is not tamtamp.

    Sadly, the girl in the original video is probably not trolling. She had an entire series of videos up from before the Japan earthquake which expressed very similar sentiments.

  8. Amazing you didn’t notice that?

    You mean because she looks similar and has a similar voice and similar mannerisms, especially accounting for the fact that the hyper-religious one would have been in some sort of acting mode? No, I didn’t notice. But I’m willing to be convinced one way or another.

  9. Huh, I retract my last statement. I was just corrected by someone who pointed me at a lot more sources. Nebbermind.

  10. Unfortunately, it has now gotten into a YouTube response loop with people trolling the trollers and being in turn trolled by spoofers. >_< This confused me. I do hate humans sometimes anyway.

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