11 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Mocks Japanese Victims

  1. Oh I don’t know, I occassionally start off by saying I confused. But then, when I say it I mean it.

  2. There’s a reason he does this. Marketing studies showed that starting off by saying “I’m not very bright but I am fundamentally dishonest” wouldn’t draw in as many listeners.

  3. The first part really sticks out, to me.

    “Started” rebuilding New Orleans? Hell, it’s pretty much back to normal. Granted, some buildings aren’t (and won’t be) rebuild, but most places looked pretty normal to me. The French Quarter, Marigny, Storyville, business district, garden districts, Central, and uptown are all as good or better than before Katrina. I want to know what part of New Orleans he went to…

    The mocking, I think, is in part due to the same anthropomorphism of the Earth when any natural disaster happens. “Why would the Earth do this?” The typical answer is “[insert deity] made it happen.” Both of these are, of course, nonsensical.

  4. It was recently revealed that Rush Limbaugh and other programs hire actors to call in and pretend to be joe public. Might explain why he had the soundbite so quick at hand.

  5. Rich, that’s plausible although I don’t think that Rush’s show is one of the ones that was specifically found to be doing that (I could be wrong). But it isn’t implausible to me that if he’s been doing this for very long time that he’s gotten good at remembering clip numbers. He could even have them labeled on the paper in front of him.

    The real idiocy in this clip is the apparent idea that anyone who remotely cares about the environment must be some sort Gaia-worshipping pagan.

  6. I never thought that RL would come out as some sort of New Age guru that sees Earth as Mother Gaia, heh!

    The sad part is that he gets payed the utter this sort of crap, and that there are people that listen….

  7. And of course the reasoning behind all this is beyond absurd.

    I know I always get upset when my house guests treat me and my home with respect and dignity. I totally understand why Mother Earth would pick on a country that tries to be nice to her.

  8. I understand where Rush is coming from. He doesn’t have any training in science, or at least not any â??formalâ? training. He got his scientific understanding from reading comic books and anime. A classic plot scheme is that radioactive waste and toxic pollution flows into the ocean and awakens monsters like Godzilla and they come to the surface wanting more.

    Rush thinks that the Japanese earthquake is from some sea monster wanting more radioactive waste. Rush thinks that is why the nuclear power plant was targeted. What ever monster did it wants more radioactivity. That is why Rush is mocking recycling and trying to avoid pollution. Recycling doesn’t appease the monsters who live on pollution and radiation.

    This perceived need to appease monsters with toxic pollutants and toxic waste is a theme for Rush. That is what he sees his role in the US. He is doing his best to try and keep America safe by spewing as much toxic waste as he can generate, and encourage everyone else to do so too.

    The rest of the GOP is just agreeing with Rush.

  9. I should have known better than the play that clip – I just should have ignored it. I know that when a clip is of Limbaugh or Pat Robertson I am going to be slightly less disgusted than I am with the Phelps clan. Maybe moreso – at least the Phelps don’t try to pretend to be sane, rational, decent people.

    What depresses me about this whole commentary is that when the U.S. experiences disasters, we don’t manage refugee shelters that way. I just love the mighty whitey barbarians, mocking a people who have managed to hold tight to a remarkably civilized society – even in the face of intensive globalization. This population manages, in the aftermath of a major catastrophe, to have organized and very functional waste management and the barbaric fucking asshats believe this is worthy of mocking?

    This is anti-intellectualism at it’s finest. “We’re obviously better than you, because you’re better at this – or that, than we are.” Only in this case it is “We’re obviously better than you, because we’re all about letting refugees die for a lack of basic sanitation and waste management.” It’s moments like these that make me embarrassed to be an American – almost on a par with our warlike nature and willingness to torture people and shit on our most fundamental governing principles.

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