What is your opinion on the Gay Couple Creation Museum Fund Raiser Dust-up?

This webby thing called Opinionati is asking: Creation Museum denies admission to two men: What do you think?

Good luck trying to figure out how to use the site. But I thought you’d like to see it. Hat tip: Joe

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8 thoughts on “What is your opinion on the Gay Couple Creation Museum Fund Raiser Dust-up?

  1. If I understand everything correctly, the couple that was denied wasn’t even gay. They were just a couple of bloggers posing as a gay couple to cause a stir and give themselves something to write about. They also publizied their intentions of causing trouble a month in advance…

    I’d say they were justly denied.

  2. I find it fascinating that the blogger who was denied entry posted twice on going. Once was the oft-quoted statement about wanting to see how they’d react to a flamboyant gay couple. The other was part of his donation plea for funding his tickets. That one said he was going to report on what was said (which would be difficult to do if he disrupted the proceedings by acting flamboyantly gay).

    For some reason, though, everybody only talks about the first one. Huh.

  3. Also, a person setting themselves up as a decoy for a nefarious act, who is then a recipient of that act, is not an excuse for the act.

    Simple if extreme example: A serial killer is thought to have an ideal victim. A cop gets done up like the victim and goes out as bait. It goes farther than expected and the cop ends up dead, just like the previous vic’s. Is there a defense of the murder that says “The cop acted like a victim but wasn’t really an actual valid victim, therefore the murder was … somehow OK?”

    I think not.

  4. So the Creation “Museum” was essentially tricked into publicly acknowledging their hatred, disgust and discrimination in regard to gay people. Good. At least these weasels can’t deny it, now.

    By the way, some people who aren’t actually gay certainly have the stereotypical mannerisms and behaviors nimrods associate with people who are. These folks also find themselves harassed and discriminated against. So, it’s not just people who actually are gay that these people detest; even SEEMING gay pisses them off.

  5. First, no self respecting gay couple would be caught dead in such a dreadful place. Second, isn’t this something like what O’Keefe does? If so, I consider what he does as pretty stupid and dishonest so these people shouldn’t do it either.

  6. Joel @ #6:

    Second, isn’t this something like what O’Keefe does?

    Not at all – the problem with O’Keefe are not primarily his investigative methods (aside from that one trespassing thing) but the way in which he distorts his results. It would have been OK to dress up as a pimp and honestly report on the reactions he got at the ACORN office, but he edited and re-cut the footage to create a completely false picture of events.

    This isn’t the case here – as far as I know, the Creation museum is not disputing the version of events reported by the bloggers.

  7. Hmmm, how did the museum know that these two men were going to be “disruptive”? I doubt they checked every single credit card and email address of every single person who signed up for that fund raiser. Hmmm.

    Nope, what happened here was just some good old fashioned homophobia. They may bitch and whine and cry crocodile tears enough, but the fact is the only reason they banned these men from entering was because they erroneously believed the two were a couple. I doubt the security guards googled and facebooked every guest that came through the door, to see if they were going to be naughty little disrupters. So in other words: Gay people are too gay for our museum, but their money sure isn’t. Pink is fine, so long as its green.

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