8 thoughts on “Why Tim Pawlenty would make a great Tea Party Candidate for President

  1. Pawlenty seems to be a headache for his managers, not a polished or smooth talker. It would be interesting to compare various T-baggers to see if they are using the same rehearsed play book for talking points on taxes. I agree he is a moron and shill.

    On a side note, I had listened to a half hour of McKinley’s (WV rep.) town hall phone talk and couldn’t believe that trickle down economics is still being used as a talking point.

  2. he doges! he weaves! he answers a completely different question!

    i think i would make an excellent politician. i wouldn’t need to actually know anything about politics. if i am asked a tough question i can just opt to answer a question i do know the answer to.

    for instance:

    reporter: “Rob, what do you think about Bank of America paying no taxes by using tax law loop holes and offshore bank accounts?”

    me: “good question. you see, the sky is blue due to preferential scattering of shorter wavelength visible light as the inverse 4th power of wavelength. this leads to the sky’s color being a weighted average of the combination of wavelengths from the violet to green portion of the spectrum. our eyes perceive this to be a pale blue color.”

  3. While I’ve never actually heard any of these assholes say it, they act as though what they believe is that having earned a million dollars, they are somehow entitled to a million more. I think these guys might actually believe government owes them money, that they should collect taxes from the lower classes and pass them directly to the wealthy.

  4. Kevin: Only for a while. His charm wears thin quickly. Had he run for re-election this time around he may well have done very poorly and demonstrated that effect. He won re-election last time around only because of a split ticket.

  5. Greg, he never won a majority vote in two state-wide races. The Independence Party candidate took most of his votes from the DFL side in both races, (2002 & 2006,) and Pawlenty won with a plurality.

  6. ER Doc, that is correct. But I was making a more specific point: I said that after a short time the charm wears off. One might then answer “well, you did re-elect him” and the answer is “well, he won against a split ticket” (Perhaps I should have revealed my train of thought)

    I also thought about mentioning that he won against a split ticket the first time, but then a response could be “well, all governors in Minnesota get elected on split tickets, almost”

    So you see… well, you see, I’m sure.

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