This video will make you throw up a little in your mouth.

Or worse. Below the fold. Not work safe. Don’t be holding the kitty or you might squeeze it by accident:

UPDATE: My friend Aseem points out that this is the original on which the little christian kids base their song:

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18 thoughts on “This video will make you throw up a little in your mouth.

  1. That is just disturbing. I am an environmental educator who works primarily with middle school students, and I recently received a negative comment on an evaluation from a school group’s chaperon because I made the mistake of implying in a beach ecology class that humans had descended from some other animal (we were looking at a tunicate, a primitive chordate). Mentioning evolution in an ecology class – heaven forbid!

  2. I was having a peachy keen friday night until…

    and now I’m worried that I won’t be able to get the song out of my head. Thanks for that…

  3. Ah, it’s sort of cute, even if unsettling.

    I’d like to say to them, study hard and learn, since you’re certainly not going to make a million by talent. I’m just afraid that “learning” is hardly a positive thing, though, in their experience.

    Glen Davidson

  4. (In fact that whole Manka Bros website is parody, including movie lists, music (for example, Seamus) and Broadway shows – “Rampage of the Stegosaur”.)

  5. Speaking as a non-pagan, but certainly an atheist evolutionist, I thought it was funny. It’s a little sad if true – but I know there are people who are out there that have those beliefs. But as Marty said, there’s a good chance this was parody – especially given the medium they were copying.

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