Why are people in Wisconsin so mad? UPDATED

UPDATE: Was Gordon Hintz recently placed under arrest on sex-crime related charges? (see below) And, did news of this arrest become disseminated only moments ago because of his speech in Madison?

Whoa …

Citizens of Wisconsin: If you are not all as mad as this guy, you don’t really get what’s going on.

The Wikipedia page seems to think so:

Gordon N. Hintz is a Democratic Party member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, representing the 54th Assembly District since his election in 2006.

Mr. Hintz also placed 2nd in the 2003 National Air Guitar championships under the pseudonym, “Krye Tuff”.[1]

On February 21, 2011, it was reported that Hintz was arrested on in Appleton on February 10 on under a city sexual misconduct ordinance.


For real? Setup? Air guitar? Anybody know?

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6 thoughts on “Why are people in Wisconsin so mad? UPDATED

  1. Sounds like a set-up to me. That governor needs to be thrown in prison if any of this is at all true. This is a Democratic Republic, NOT a dictatorship. He seems to have forgotten his history lessons.

  2. Appleton police say the citation was issued in conjunction with an ongoing investigation of Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor in Appleton

    Records say Hintz was accused of violating an Appleton city ordinance against touching or offering to touch sexual parts.

    Ok, I know that there is the possibiity that the employees were coerced into giving sexual gratifications to customers so there’s a chance that the accusation are more than simply frivolus. But at the same time…
    “Politician gets arrested for having had his naked body touched in a massage parlor”: How can you get more ridiculous than that?

  3. It’s not entirely clear to me how Hintz’s alleged rub-n-tug means Wisconsin Republicans aren’t making a farce of democracy? Ad hom much?

  4. I have lived in this town for a yr or longer and some change and I definately can easily notice how strangely angry and scared people are around here. Nobody wants to go for walk. Everyoen wants to look outside there window and talk about how so in so in more poor then them and compare themselves with other people. Like be responsible and everything but, why not live your life and be happy? Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and start focusing on your happiness. Stop making the packers your god, this is mostly where you fail at. The Green Bay PAcKeRs are not EVERYTHING in this life. Why dont you stop being so mad and be happy..you can literally have a good life if you stop worrying about people. I think people worry to much there too afraid to go outside. There’s already not much to do but, if people would try and experience new things, like go to the bowling alley or go for a walk, take your kids to the park,take your dog for walk,just dont be such an asshole please! If you dont like something change it or try and make it better somehow. Im sorry but, everyone is mean,jealous,fearful,always comparing each other, when will someone grow up and rise above the childish ways.. life is suppose to be good, so make it good. everyone has to work for a living,make it worth it …find the right job. Help yourself and stop being a jerk..look for things you are passionate about. You can liek the packers fine its cool..but you need other things to be happy about. something i noticed about this one guy, he seems really super mad everyday with his packer gear on..especially when they lose its likke the end of the universe now. No! That doesnt have to be the case, he just needs to not care about the misery’s of someone else. Start your own plan, do it right. Dont be aq failure at your own life. Clean your house,get a garden,wash your ass like every day i mean,clean your clothes,take pride in what your doing,dont let your breath goto waste,pray to god,dont care about how foolish you are, you are good. dont let anyone tell you otherwise. find what make you different and unique from others that is always fun. Just stop thinking about the movie home alone for all year round thing, your life gonna be dull one homie. You need to be the mac daddy of your own life.Stop praising people who dont wana see you as any kind of special. life is special life happens once, if you think this sounds stupid i dont care. its suppose to jsut be funny i guess. Anyways, you should really like maybe if you have lived here your whole life through maybe experience a new place to live because that will change everything. life is short, dont worry about what your missing out on have fun with whatever your doing and it will be worth it. everyone has missed out on something and its never complete for anyone. If you dont wana give up dont. Just have a bright attitude that shines. Dont worry about the dull drab life you dont have to live it that way. If soemone doesnt ike that about you then dont talk to them or look at them it doesnt matter how they feel. It matter how YOU feel. Be a good person, do what you gotta do,dont let anyone hurt your feelings. Be above the influence. Anyways. Hope wisconsin has more younger people move here. I think its full of old people(haha) jk. I think wisconsin should seriously get like different main attractions/ Maybe I just am that broke, I dunno! I cant seem to be close to the fun stuff. I want liek a water slide for free in my own backyard. jk again. I live in an apartment and theres only one pool and it closes way too early and nobody seems to want to swim in it besides me and its like awkward going for swimmey. So please understand that you should really just create your own fun. go play out in the rain, dont be afraid to talk to people,always be a nice person but dont let people walk on you either,i seriously cant wait until it rains. I have plans to go play out in the puddles like a duck okay chuck? no, not really i just think it sounds fun at the moment. I like really long walks this is my favorite thing about the globe, is being outside for fresh air. You gotta know though that Green Bay is not the worst place to live, yes there are better places but its what you make it that matters and makes a difference because its all within. You cant expect to be happy based only on your environment and outward habitat that you are dwelling in. You should be looking for new things to be appreciative of, love exercise! I love going outside for walk, always a new stranger to honk. And new peopel to talk to. thats all. no big deal 1,2,3. Done sir done.Good night and god be with you. I dont know what i wrote but chances are ill figure out something else in a few months or cmon lets be real days. Im not that stupid minutes*. So lets stop talking and start producing a life. I will be happy to see this comment stick. Lets not make this anymore awkward good bye

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