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The US House has just voted to repeal the health care reform law

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 245-189 to repeal President Obama’s health care law.

I’m sure I’m speaking to the converted here, but if you happen to live in a US Congressional district with one of those representatives who voted to repeal this law, I’d like to pass on one whopping big “Fuck You” for not doing enough in the last election.

And, if you don’t like that, feel free to send me one as well, because I live in one of those districts. My representative is a virtual clone of Michel Bachmann but without the big hair. And he will be hearing from me.


Two items of interest.

Of these three items, two will be of interest to you. Can’t tell which two, though:

“My roomate lives like a horseradish” … check out this web site that accumulates funny auto-correct mishaps.

Bill Gates beats Pope, Dali Lama in Popularity Contest (see this) just as Windows stops being THE operating system (see this).

Did you know that Joan Rivers got tossed off of Fox for criticizing Sarah Palin? See this.

The Genetics of Pesticide Resistant Bedbugs

ResearchBlogging.orgBedbugs (Insects of the Cimicidae family, commonly Cimex lectularius) are annoying, might carry diseases (though this is unclear, so probably nothing importat1, and are apparently becoming more common in the US. Interestingly, there has been very little study done of their genetics. A new study just out in PLoS ONE looks at the bedbug genome in an effort to better understand pesticide resistance in these pesky critters.

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