Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

Bandwith blues

The Internet (or at least the network of tubes it runs through) has eventually gotta give as our collective demands grow, and there are signs of this happening. There is a limited amount of bandwith and until that problem is relieved we are heading steadily towards a point where our stuff just won’t fit. A while back Comcast said it would stop allowing users to use Roku or similar devices. Now, in England, T-Mobile has slashed the amount of bandwith its customers can use to levels that would allow normal broadband use down to something more like email with the occasional attachment levels. Meanwhile, the newish Microsoft Phone uses bandwith when it is sitting there doing nothing (why does this not surprise me?) and for this, customers are being charged. Too bad the FCC was gutted by the last administration, perhaps they could find us some bandwith. Like, for instance, the entire AM band. We’re not really using it for anything important, are we?