Enjoy this recent post on “How does one prove astrology?”

…The meat of Curtis’ comment appears to be a way to test astrology, or at least one aspect of it. My problem with the suggestion is the same that I’ve had with the concept of astrology as a whole — it depends on a foundation that is simply not there.

Have you ever been to Zzyzx Road, in the Mojave Desert? Carr2d2 has an excellent post on early 20th century woo and politics: Adventures of the Mind.

2010 space odyssey never did happen. But it’s not too late to engage in the conversation. You just have to know how to talk like Hal: Affirmative, Dave. I read you.

This Week’s Skeptically Speaking looks especially interesting: Your Baby’s Brain.

We’ll discuss the science of parenting with Dr. John Medina. His book Brain Rules For Baby examines some of the most basic things that science understands about the developing brain, and provides helpful strategies for encouraging your child’s development. What effect does TV really have on the infant mind? And how does a child’s happiness influence her intelligence? And to start off the episode, Geek Dad contributor Jason Cranford Teague speaks to us about science, technology and parenting.

And finally, Can Hurricanes Trigger Earthquakes? Quite possibly indirectly.

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