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My first bird of 2011 was a crow, so I’ll move right along to my second bird which was a hawk, presumably a red tail. That does not count birds I could hear but not see. Register your first bird here at 104Birds.

Is there a sustainable aquaculture? Maybe. It might involve Vietnamese catfish.

Check out these excellent photographs of Angry Birds. Not the video game, the actual birds. Angry.

Holy crap jesus christ on a stick, look at this:

Whoa. That was a sperm whale poking around at an oil rig. HT Kevin
Panda’s Thumb asks, Are they fossils of Ediacaran metazoa?

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8 thoughts on “Natural History

  1. My first bird was a starling. So was my second, third and forth….probably up to my least. They are awful pests in my neighborhood. I was hoping to see a hummer or mockingbird, or perhaps a woodpecker…perhaps tomorrow!

  2. I was fast asleep, having done both traditions of staying up way late and drinking too much alcohol.

    About 6:30 AM, an American crow, right outside my window, was apparently pissed off about something. God knows what his deal was, given his (or her) urban Human situation, but there’s my first bird of 2011, for what it’s worth.

  3. Crows here too – most of the birds around at this time of the year in Trail are crows. Some pigeons, a few gulls, occasional osprey and other raptors. Something flew off my bird feeder this morning – too fast for good ID but I think it was a Black Capped Chickadee

  4. I got more goddamned pigeons. There were so many of them there appeared to be a white waterfall originating from the side of a building. I did see a corvid later in the day though; I can’t positively identify it because I’m not familiar with the particular species – there is no doubt it’s a corvid though. I have a suspicion that most birds where I’m currently at seek warmer places in the winter.

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