Grappling with teh stoopid

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Should the Skepchicks start reproducing as soon, and as quickly, as possible? I say yes. What do you think?

Thank you Diandra for making the link between the current Republican effort to “democratize” science and Arnie Proxmire and his Golden Fleece award. You are absolutely correct.

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3 thoughts on “Grappling with teh stoopid

  1. I’d say that’s for the Skepchicks to decide as individuals – however, statistics suggest that the best years are from 20s to early 30s.

    Diandra did a great job, but I think she overlooked the Big Picture. The GOP want to cut spending on education and scientific research. That’s what Smith’s talk is all about. Cut vital expenditures and claim that it is being done for the good of the nation – in the meantime their rich buddies still get their large tax deductions and they still have their snouts in the trough funneling money to local projects which accomplish nothing of significance. The GOP are also making it clear that they want to cut all sorts of social benefits as well (unless it happens to be rich folks benefiting). After all, as a party they have just sworn that they believe it is their duty to prevent the USA from achieving a functional federal government for at least the next 2 years while trying to give the people the impression that the GOP are doing “The Right Thing”.

  2. Are you talking about biological reproduction (none of our damn business, of course), or reproduction by absorbing compatible skeptical women into their blog/mentoring new bloggers of like inclination? The latter possibilities are worth rooting for.

  3. Samantha, they (and it is they not me, so it is not a matter of who’s business it is!) are totally talking about biological reproduction. See the link! There is an important bit of documentary there.

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