5 thoughts on “Polar Bear vs. Camera (guess who wins?)

  1. I don’t understand where all the other cameras were. We get some quite well-focused and well-aimed views from various angles.

  2. I think the Polar Bear video is new. Looks like ice…moves strangely…smells funny..duh! Polar Bears aren’t dumb!! It is a very funny video!!

  3. That’s a clip from a new BBC show, Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice, narrated by David Tennant (of Doctor Who fame). Hopefully they’ll ship it to BBC American soonest…

  4. I can imagine the bears thinking: “WTF? I can’t even eat this – what use is it?” (Of course everyone knows the bears think in english – just like Yogi and Booboo.)

    That other bear’s going “mmm… this one makes my tongue tingle.” Hopefully he won’t sue for being poisoned by the battery.

    I wonder if the next versions have a loud piezo horn in them. It’ll be interesting to see if the bears avoid it, are agitated and attack, or look out for it and run away.

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