Antivax ads in movie theaters

I just read this Action Alert and pursuant to it I sent this note to AMC theaters:

Thank you for NOT running the anti vaccination add by the so called “Safeminds” organization. The mercury in flu shots is in a form that is not absorbed into human tissues, but is an important part of an anti-fungicide that keeps the flu vaccines safe. Meanwhile, a flu vaccine is an important preventative medical step everyone should take. The ads are based on unscientific and incorrect information. Thank you for pulling them from your theaters.

There are a number of different things you could do. Please do one.

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6 thoughts on “Antivax ads in movie theaters

  1. “When the facts are ignored, and when vital medical research on the safety and adverse effects of hepatitis B vaccine is left undone, then the truth suffers, our children suffer and we all suffer”. Philip Incao, M.D.

    Its not just this vaccine, wow get your blinders off.



  2. Rex, I think my favorite part of that link is the bit where George Bernard Shaw is included in a list of doctors. Then there are all the “doctors” with their own products to sell in the place of vaccines and all the unsourced quotes that are well out of context.

    In other words, you find this page impressive enough to go sharing it with your name attached to the comment?

  3. I see (at least) one Australian newspaper has a story about vaccines and tick/flea control chemicals killing pets and being “linked to cancer”. It’s a horrible sloppy article which lumps together a whole lot of things and doesn’t make it clear at all what is being claimed to cause what and which claims have been shown to have any merit. I’m betting that anti-vaxxers around the world use such articles to claim that vaccines are harmful to humans even though the article is about pet products and the vaccine reactions in particular are not even discussed – the word “vaccine” just seems to be thrown in to scare people and attract attention.

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