13 thoughts on “Study shows prayer helps

  1. So, as far as “prayer” goes, talking to gods/god has the same impact on psychology as talking to an imaginary friend… There is a perfectly logical (and really easy) explanation for this…

  2. This wonderful. Imaginary friends are a problem? Yep. Two of the most famous imaginary friends are Jesus and God. It seemed the priest was on the verge of making that crucial distinction.

  3. So. 75% of American pray on a weekly basis. I suppose this is meant to convey that Americans are good in this way.

    A similar story from the middle east would have the tag line “90 % of Saudis pray five times a day.”

    So, who’s better?

  4. Acceptance of pseudo-science will deiclne when orthodox science becomes, shall we say, more scientific.I have no clue what definition of orthodox science you are using, but by my definition if orthodox science is acting like pseudo-science then it is definitely not orthodox.As for you examples, they merely indicate that science can get things spectacularly wrong (I never claimed otherwise, but it still gets things right more often than anything else), though it is worth noting that your examples of “race science” and eugenics are two theories that, while they began within orthodox science, they gained most of their prominence within the pseudo-science community.

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