Daily Archives: December 20, 2010

What is the ideal camera for the person who… well, you know….

The person who never seems to be able to operate, or be happy with, these modern digital cameras. The person who more often says “Oh, I’m so upset, I couldn’t get a picture of that because this damn camera never works right” or the person who goes to take a shot but then quietly puts the camera away realizing it’s full and remembering that one does not quite know what one does when the camera is full. And so on.
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This is your LAST CHANCE for holiday shopping

(If you’re mailing your presents and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg.)

As part of my annual service to my readers who can’t think of what to give to those friends and relatives who insist on exchanging gifts this time every year, I present two categories of goodies, cheap and not so cheap. For additional ideas see these posts.
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Technology news and information

Dropbox has reached version 1.0, which does not sound impressive, but is. Dropbox is a free or paid for file syncing service that totally kicks but. Try it out. The new version fixes various problems and significantly improves performance, but most importantly allows selective syncing, so you can have a subset of your files synced on a specific computer. (It was already true that you had a selective, as in file by file, syncing on mobile devices.) Seriously, of all the technologies out there, Dropbox is at the top of my list of software that made my life easier. Everything is always accessible on all computers (selectively, if I want, as of now) and backed up on the cloud. Whatever that is.

Opera has reached version 11 and apparently includes all sorts of bells and whistles including tab stacking. I’m not sure what that is, but I want it. I don’t use Opera, but Opera fans are almost as loyal as Oprah fans, so there must be some merit to it. Some details here.

As you know, Homeland security is dropping the color-coded Threat Assessment Alert thingie. This is a terrible disappointment, as it was the only way we could always feel part of the paranoia on a grand scale. Never mind that it was stuck on one color since it started. Well, a DIY geek has adapted the Biegert&Funk Qlocktwo design (which itself is interesting) to make a DHS tribute threat level indicator. Fire up your soldering irons!

This is not exactly, or at least overtly, technology, but you might like it. Cablegate is now a game, and you can play!