8 thoughts on “Assange on the US Plan to capture, kill him

  1. He’s always been paranoid – so what’s new? Gee, wouldn’t he have leaked the secret communications about killing him? I guess that’s evidence which he would rather keep secret – but why? Duh.

  2. If he leaked the actual secret communications it would compromise his sources and he would lose ongoing access to new information.

    Killing him would be a war crime because he is a non-combatant. Releasing information about plots to kill him by the US government shows that there are still people inside the US government who get upset when the US plans to commit war crimes, and would blow the whistle.

  3. If Bush was president, he’d declare a “War on Information” and kill him. Or, actually, try to kill him but lose track of him and instead invade Sweden and Australia for ten years.

  4. If you care about Democracy in America, and your own survival in America, then is vital to firstly make your own copy of this article, and then to send a copy of this article to as many people as possible, because other countries already have their own copy.

    Working closely within the Military, he was able to hear the Conspiracies the Dictators of America are scheming, and he put himself in harms way to protect, not just a few Americans, but all Americans.

    It is a known and proven fact that the American Army will have to come home one day, and if the Dictators of America who are cloaked as Public Servants can deceive the American people to become disarmed, and to give up their liberties, then it will make the eventual Dictatorship much easier to Establish.

    For those American Citizens who do not wish to be dull thinkers, they should watch the video titled â??Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura The Gulf Oil Spill Season 2 – FULL LENGTHâ?, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XSMUhVcjJ94, unless of course the CIA changes the video and the internet location in a pathetic attempt to discredit this article.

    Another video worth watching is titled: â??Rally for Bradley Manning- Blowing the Whistle on War Crimes is Not a Crime!â? at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vuhP_N0ZldA.

    We all know that the American Corporations control and fund the Dictators of America to create a Fascist State, and proof of this Fascist State is that America does not have 100% Public Funding for Elections.

    It would not surprise any of us if most of the Male Puppet and Blackmailed American Politicians have to be videoed ejaculating semen on young Childrenâ??s genitals before they receive Corporate Funding for their Election Campaigns.

    I am sure that Corporations have found ways for the females who want funding to become the Puppets of the American Fascist Corporations.

    If this is what is happening, then the purpose is that the Corporations know that they can blackmail any American Politician to do their bidding, even Resident of the Whitesâ?? House, Barack Obama.

    President Bill Clinton approved of giving wealthy Americans even more money to fuse the Corporations with the Government, which is Fascism.

    If small businesses can function, and if their can be a Middle Class in America, then the Wealthy will become poorer, and they think that they will die because of having less money.

    It is their survival instincts that are at play here, and that is what Wikileaks has been able to show the Entire World.

    There are many people who want 100% public Funding for Elections, and free and fair Media time during Elections, because they too, have a survival instinct.

    I believe that the American Politicians should pass a law to make themselves immune against all blackmail techniques of the Corporations.

    It is better to have this situation where the American Politicians will not go to jail for ejecting semen on young sleeping Children just because they wanted fame and fortune from the Corporations.

    We, the people of Democracyland whose national borders are defined by the United Nations Charter and International Law are committed to the highest form of Democracy known to Mankind.

    Democracyland will be a true Democracy, have no military alliances, be 100% against racism, have no genetically modified crops, plant many trees, and have 100% recycling.

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