Two items for your To Do list

Now that Mythbusters is on Roku and Netflix via various venues, I’ve been watching it. Previously I’ve only seen a few. They’re pretty good. And now, President Obama will be on Mythbusters: “The Discovery Channel has announced that the Commander-in-Chief will be doing a cameo on “Mythbusters” tonight. He’ll be asking hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman to redo one of their projects.” *

Meanwhile, with the holidays fast approaching, you may need to find a good therapist. Lemondrop has a post on that.

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6 thoughts on “Two items for your To Do list

  1. Would be interesting if they tackled some of the myths surrounding Obama himself – he did a very good job of busting the “Obama is a progressive” myth all by himself, but the jury’s still out on the “Obama is a somewhat decent human being” claim. I would be interested to know whether there’s anything to it. I’m increasingly doubtful.

  2. Ah, burning a ship with mirrors. I did write to the MythBusters way back then to tell them about all the things they did wrong. I explained the mirror technology of the era and why it would in fact work – but that it was unlikely that it was ever done because it simply isn’t a sensible thing to do. You’d do an awful lot more damage and quicker using flaming arrows.

    @Phillip IV: I have no substantial doubts about Obama being a decent guy, but being an effective president is a different matter. Dubbyah’s puppet masters knew how to play the games, so as awful a president as Dubbyah was, he’ll be in the books as one of the most effective because many of the policies his masters wanted were pushed through. Obama on the other hand had been blocked by his own goddamned party and now the GOP have a majority in the House and have sworn they will destroy America if necessary to make the White House White again.

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