Michele Bachmann on Carbon Dioxide.


“Carbon dioxide is natural, it is not harmful, it is a part of Earth’s lifecycle. And yet we’re being told that we have to reduce this natural substance, reduce the American standard of living, to create an arbitrary reduction in something that is naturally occuring in Earth.”

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16 thoughts on “Michele Bachmann on Carbon Dioxide.

  1. Yeast converts sugars to alcohol. It is part of the life cycle. Of course at some point the alcohol level raises and kills the yeast. Now do you want lower the alcohol level in the bottle or do you want to stick with the idea that it hasn’t killed use yet so it must be safe.

  2. Arsenic, too, is a natural substance, yet I would not want it in my drinking water. The notion that we need not to worry about a large increase in atmospheric CO2, just because CO2 occurrs in nature, seems at least somewhat flawed to me…

  3. Again, my apologies on behalf those of in the Minnesota 6th Congressional District who can’t seem to do anything about her.

  4. Exhaust from car tailpipes are not a “natural substance”, same for the fumes from a powerplant smokestack.

    Merely keeping the level of those _INDUSTRIAL_ emissions to the levels of, say, 10 years ago would be a great accomplishment. It might not be enough, but it is certainly doable, and doable with limited industrial “pain”.

    Tying the “American standard of living” to industrial pollution levels is despicable, and leads to the argument: We _MUST_ pollute more than China, that’s the only way to “keep up” with China. It’s profoundly idiotic, but it’s the “shorter” version of their argument.

  5. George Will wrote something similar in Newsweek a few months ago. He pointed out that extinction is natural too so why all the fuss.

    The really sad part was that a local politician circulated the article to prove that a new CO2 spewing power generator proposed for our town was nothing to worry about.

    At least we voted him out!

  6. The astonishing thing here, is how on earth did this woman manage to graduate from elementary school, never mind high school or college? Some of her pronouncements could be challenged or even refuted by a reasonably well-read 14 yr. old.
    The mind boggles.

  7. “We’ve secretly replaced the nitrogen in this room with carbon dioxide. Let’s see if Ms. Bachmann notices.”

    Cut to shot of Bachmann crumpled on the floor, likely dead of CO2 poisoning.

    Cut to test pattern.

  8. That people have not developed an appreciation and respect for science in what is supposed to be an advanced civilization is a tragedy. These “leaders” and law makers are taking this country down the dangerous road of ignorance, pertetuated by superstition and paranoid claims of conspiracy and hoax when assessing the message climate scientists have tried to convey. Rather than seek solutions, they bury their heads in the sand in denial of the science.

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