Final Vote: Biology textbooks approved in Louisiana

At its December 9, 2010, meeting, the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted 8-2 to approve high school biology textbooks, despite the ongoing complaints of creationists objecting to their treatment of evolution. As NCSE previously reported, a decision on the textbooks, expected initially in October 2010, was deferred by the board, which sought a recommendation from its Textbook/Media/Library Advisory Council. On November 12, 2010, the council voted 8-4 to recommend the textbooks. Then, on December 7, 2010, a committee of the board voted 6-1 to move forward with the purchase, “over the objection of a crowd of people who wanted books that at least mention creationism or intelligent design or say that evolution is not a fact,” according to the Lafayette Daily Advertiser (December 7, 2010).

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4 thoughts on “Final Vote: Biology textbooks approved in Louisiana

  1. A crowd of people who (I assume) are not scientists, screaming that they want science books that are not scientific. *facepalm* Religion does that to some people.

  2. The Shreveport Times 0f December 9th, 2010 had an editorial which stated, inter alia, “Only in these strange times is it news that Louisiana’s education board has approved a science textbook based on, well, science,”.

    Strange times indeed, when there is a struggle to have scientifically-based science texts in schools, as opposed to those which would have been based on horseshit!

    Good news, the darkness has been pushed back a little.

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