17 thoughts on “Rush has what he wants, the rest of you can go to hell

  1. I’m listening, and thinking that this is typical Rush. Blah, blah, blah.


    really? Wow. That’s a new one. Heck, why not go back to only allowing land-owners?

  2. Poor people in Atlanta waiting for relief … would be mostly black people.

    really? Wow. That’s a new one.

    Not in context, I’m afraid … dreaming about disenfranchising blacks isn’t actually a “new one” for Rush.

  3. Let me get this straight – the dark-skinned folks are responsible for putting the braindead bigoted corporate crony members of the GOP in office? Well dang – I’ll go sign up with the KKK right away and rectify that problem. Oh wait, it’s just Rush “dumbshit” Limbaugh. Well, I’ll go put John Birch back in his box.

  4. That was not an uncommon sentiment among my co-workers when I spent a year at a high tech firm in Atlanta at the turn of the millennium.

  5. “… can you imagine the political landscape?”

    Who needs imagination? Go read a history book!

    Has “Politically Correct” ever not been a euphemism used for whining about having your hateful and bigoted ideas called out as hateful and bigoted?

  6. You Liberals hate Rush because he exposes the absurdity of Liberalism and he does it tongue in cheek. As for universal suffrage, I don’t want hordes of inner-city welfare leaches voting themselves a raise at my expense. Is that so difficult to understand? Rush is merely pointing out the unrealistic expectations of blacks when they put Obamaboob in office. The only thing that puzzles me is why white middle class independents and moderates voted for a Socialist president and congress in 2008. This past November, it seems they had buyer’s remorse. Eat it;^)

  7. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and all the mass-murdering socialists don’t disgust you more than Limbaugh? He’s a piker as far as human misery goes.

  8. Stephanie –

    From the bozo in #9’s blog:

    I despise loud-mouthed, uneducated bullshiters with toxic personalities

    Whole lotta self-loathing there…

  9. Stephanie Z —

    The rich don’t get themselves raises by voting for them; they don’t have enough votes for that. They get raises by buying government influence, which is a more reliable method anyway.

    But no, that sure as hell doesn’t make it okay.

  10. Camillus@9: what puzzles ME is how someone as obviously illiterate as yourself manages to make over $200,000 annually. You know, since that’s the only fiscal grouping that *ever* benefits from *anything* the Republicans ever push through politically.

  11. I don’t want hordes of ignorant ditto heads voting themselves a corporate ass fucking at my expense. Is that so difficult to understand?

  12. “I despise loud-mouthed, uneducated bullshiters with toxic personalities”.

    This seems to cover both Rush and Camillus.

    Why do so many of the conservative patriots have such little faith in the constitution they claim to revere?

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