9 thoughts on “Friday funny feline

  1. If I hadn’t just watched the Doctor Who episode, “Blink,” this would be a lot funnier. Now it’s just outright terrifying.

  2. I’ve had a really long Doctor Who famine. How can I get more of Blink and other episodes? I got some of Blink on you tube. I’m in the US.
    Used to love my PBS station, they always had episodes in the olden days. I’ve seen a little of the new ones on a cable channel, but don’t get it anymore. Anyway to find them on line?

  3. Thanks, Sam.
    I found them and just watched the first three episodes from series 3. Hadn’t seen much after Rose left.
    I’ve only got 2 hours streaming a month–cheap membership. So it’ll take a bit to watch them. I just couldn’t go right to Blink–need…to…watch…in…order.

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