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  1. “Facts” are important, yes, but what he was saying also makes no sense logically. My understanding is that different hominids didn’t evolve at different times but rather that all modern humans share a common ancestor … Um or something.

  2. I’m teaching intro to archaeology next semester, and this is for that. That does not preclude other topics and themes, however.

    I don’t know if Dan gets a date or not. But every character in the series is meant to represent (though is not based on) an archaeologist (or closely related professional) that actually exists.

  3. The Oprah video is a GREAT Poe!
    I regret that I never took a college Archaeology course. I have read books and attended lectures, but that is all of the information I have on a fascinating subject. I would love it if the Grand Canyon had a paleontological timeline in the canyon wall showing the rise of the dinosaurs, the KT extiction, the rise of the mammals, the rise of homids and the rise of Western and North American Civilizations. I do not recall seeing or hearing of such an exhibit there.

  4. @Skeptic cat Thanks for that info. Too bad, it will make a great exhibit somewhere. Now I just have to find it. I went to the Grand Canyon with a friend about 10 years ago, and was immediately struck by the grandeur and time represented in those rocks, and how little of that time was taken by my species, much less, MY life. Then extrapolating it to include the age of the earth and the universe! My GF spoiled it by exclaiming “Isn’t ‘god’ great!”.

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