4 thoughts on “Who loves George Bush?

  1. I suppose the infowarrior crowd who watches Russia Today and were accusing Bush of putting cancer viruses in our vaccinations and the like would eager to forget that GWB wasn’t a very good President. Others who voted for Obama in hopes that civil liberties would be restored after the shredding of the constitution following the false-flag 9/11 terror attacks who are now miserable in their FEMA concentration camps when they could have had a great patriot like John McCain have every reason to be nostalgic owing to their great disappointment at the new administration. However, as the “expert blogger” interviewed in the last segment point out, Obama never promised to end the practice of randomly rounding up Americans and placing them in concentration camps or, for that matter, of intentionality giving them cancer and planting mind-control chips in their inoculations …

  2. RT’s caption, “Absence making America’s heart grow fonder etc.”, is not supported by any of the interviews they showed. No one said that they’d changed their opinion of him; one person predicted a rehabilitation in the future, but he hadn’t actually changed his own opinion.

    I’m not sure why this would affect your opinion of New Yorkers, although you might well look askance at RT.

  3. You do realise that i the rabidly anti-American Russian English language “news” service. If there are ten people in NYC who love Bush but hate Obama, they’ll keep looking until they find them.

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