17 thoughts on “The Wisdumb of Michele Bachmann

  1. In a very real sense, I think that the USA is its great founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. These pretty much define the requirements of an American. It doesn’t seem too unreasonable to suggest that anyone who doesn’t support those great works and their enshrined ideals is not much of an American and their suitability for office questionable.[/sarcasm]

  2. Cap’n patroll is a lovely example of what drives rightwing Americans to frothy-mouthed rage: he’s stupid, ignorant, scared and violent. Stupid because, well, everything he says is cretinous, ignorant of absolutely everything (does he have any concept of what the word “socialist” means?), scared of all the shadows in his mind, the violence he lusts after is clear.

    Wow, he needs medication. Strong medication.

    If I was religious, I would thank many gods for the presence of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, that protect the Saner World from being infected by too much by these idiots. Luckily for us furriners their characteristics of being stupid, ignorant and scared means the nutters are too stupid to know how too travel, too ignorant to appreciate the possibility of insights from other places, and too scared means they panic at visiting cities with murder rates one-tenth of the US values because they’re dangerous!

    Unfortunately the fourth key characteristic of being violent does mean that when Americans arrive abroad en masse, they do have an annoying tendency not to understand that the local people generally do not appreciate being shot at or having bombs dropped on them.

    How do you put up with these lunatics? How can anybody with more intelligence than a redwood tree think awful, awful people like the Tea Party pin-ups are worthy of respect?

  3. “How do you put up with these lunatics?”

    Sensible people typically do not believe loonies like Capt. Patriot or for that matter John Davison or Mabus exist if you just tell them about it. Having a certain number of their psycho-comments archived for all to see is worth the storage space on the server.

  4. Don’t worry H-O-T, I’m pretty sure that Captain Obvious was woo – no-one could be that stupid and still remember to breathe in and out.

    Besides, we all know George Soros is one of the leading capitalists in the world, and was a significant figure in the otherthrow of communism in Eastern Europe. Isn’t that what the right wants – free and unfettered capitalism?

  5. “In a very real sense, I think that the USA is its great founding documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.” SimonG, the Bill of Rights is PART of the Constitution..

  6. Re Ms Bachmann’s statement, why are so many American conservatives channeling Senator McCarthy? I also love her phrasing; I mean, it is wonderful how she incorporates her desired answer in the initial question.

    As for the self-proclaimed Captain patriot, he is best described as “slightly Constitutional”.

    First, there was “..if I were in charge of the CIA, these type of people would be on our top list to watch”. If I remember rightly, the CIA is barred from domestic surveillance.

    Second, his statement that he would “…put Soros at the top of the international terrorism watch list and make it very clear the that clown that the second the dollar collapses, his personal wealth will be siezed to foot the bill that he caused and he would be put into the Gitmo”. One , as pointed out by orion(no 8) Mr Soros is a highly successful capitalist, not a terrorist. Second, if the dollar collapses, it will be due to stupid Republican policies under Bush jnr, including a vast growth in government spending, two highly expensive wars, and stupid tax cuts for the most affluent part of American society. Third, best of luck trying to do wealth sequestration in an international context.

    Third, we have “..and then make it a felony to be a socialist inside this REPUBLIC that we live in”. There goes Freedom of Thought/Expression. Can the Bill of Rights be far behind? Come on, let’s burn the whole Constitution while we are at it, no?

    Fourth, “If things go any further with left wing socialism I may be forced ot pay China a visit”(mispellings his). My Dog, the Chinese must be quaking in their boots. The rest of that paragraph is deluded fantasy, generated in a fact-free universe. As are the rest of his contributions.

    I mean, what is any sane person to make of “I wonder what would happen to poor George(Soros) if he pisses off some Chinese officials when our currency collpases and China goes under”?. Pure loon gold. He loves his conspiracy theories.

  7. Gwen #11.
    I’m a foreigner, so what would I know? I thought the Bill of Rights – which I understand to be ammendments to the Constitution, and thus a part of it in a legal sense – is a physically distinct document.

  8. Simon, a common conception. It would seem that way, but it isn’t. The constitution consists of a body of supreme laws. The term “The Constitution” could refer to a specific document like the one ratified in 1787 or the body of laws extant today, which has additions and subtractions over time. Usually, it refers to the latter, and in that sense, “The Constitution” is a body of laws that are erected using certain procedures (specified in The Constitution) as distinct from the other laws passed by the Congress.

    The Constitution has three parts (I’m saying this informally, there may be some more formal and different description): A Preamble, a set of Articles (of which there are seven) and Amendments. The first ten amendments were added right away and they are called The Bill of rights. There were 17 subsequent amendments, but there are not 17 additional added amendments in effect because some amendments abrogate earlier ones (the 21st, one of the most important ones, repealed the 18th, one of the most stupid ones).

    I know this stuff. I am not a teabagger. Ask a teabagger, you’ll get very different answers, like maybe the Pledge of Allegience is part of the Constitution, or whatever.

    The Constitution is also a war ship also known as Old Ironsides, not to be confused with the Aaron Burr television role.

  9. The more moronic comments that you post only help prove why we need a true Patriot like MICHELLE BACHMANN in Washington.
    Her CHRISTian, Fiscal, Moral & Conservative values will get the United States back on track. After Obama has all but ruined OUR NATION in every way possible, this includes any respect we had from other countries, we can only pray that we’re able to ever be half the nation we were. If we can clean up his major mess, we might be able to become solvent again in 200+ years, if we’re lucky. If the salary of every US citizen that yearly makes $250 or more were collected for 300 years, the amount would keep us solvent for around 8 months. We wouldn’t come anywhere close to paying off the interest. The actual loan is barely even a
    “pipe dream”.

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