More on Kansas Voter Intimidation by Republicans and Teabaggers

The Kansas Democratic Party has leveled a charge of voter intimidation and has filed a complaint with the Kansas Attorney General’s office.

According to the Kansas Democratic Party, they received allegations from “individual” voters from around Kansas who claimed to have received a robo-call from who they called an “as yet named Republican organization” reminding them to bring their voter registration card and proof of home ownership with them to the polls on Nov. 3.

First, the election is slated for Nov. 2 and second, Kansas voters are not required to bring a voter registration card nor proof of home ownership to the polls when they vote.

“There is no place for voter intimidation in our electoral process,” said Kansas Democratic Party Chairman Larry Gates. “Every Kansas voter should feel comfortable with their right to cast a ballot and understand tactics like these are lies meant to scare them away from exercising that right.”

Gavin Young, spokesman for Kansas Attorney General Steve Six said that there has been an investigation opened into the allegations because voter intimidation is a felony under Kansas law.

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