Minnesota Voter Intimidation: “Please ID Me Buttons” maneno

A group called Minnesota Majority is said to have deployed over 10,000 people to polling stations across Minnesota in what is being called “an aggressive campaign to fight what organizers claim is a widespread problem of voter fraud.”

And, in so doing, have launched a major episode of voter indimidation.

… Minnesota Majority is directing its members to wear “Please ID Me” buttons in violation of a federal judge’s orders,…

Judge Joan Ericksen ruled Monday that the buttons “are designed to affect the actual voting process at the polls by intimating that voters are required to show identification before voting,” …

In an e-mail sent to the conservative tea party-affiliated group’s members on Monday night, however, Minnesota Majority encouraged those heading to the polls to defy the judge’s order.

“You can simply remove or cover the challenged item and you’ll be allowed to vote, or you can refuse and demand your right to vote and the election judge will allow you to vote, while also recording your name and you could be charged with a petty misdemeanor,” the e-mail said, according to TPM.


So, if you are at the polls to day in MN, and you see one of those buttons, it may be your civic duty to ensure that the polling officers take down that person’s name. For later. What fun.

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