Tomas is, suddenly, a hurricane …

… and almost as interesting as his enigmatic sister, Shary. Tomas formed farther south than Hurricanes often do, hung around for a long time as a tropical depression, then blew up to hurricane strength very quickly. Having been declared a hurricane just a few moments ago, it may reach Category Three status as early as Monday, certainly by Tuesday. It will track in it’s current direction, staying south of DR/Haiti and heading pretty much directly towards Jamaica, though it will likely turn north towards Cuba before hitting Rastaland.

I can’t see how Tomas is NOT going to be a serious problem for someone. It will srengthen over the next four days and likely remain a strong hurricane for a while afterwards. From the National Hurricane Center:

A hurricane warning is in effect for…
* St. Vincent and the Grenadines
* St. Lucia
* Martinique

A tropical storm warning is in effect for…
* Barbados
* Dominica
* Trinidad and Tobago
* Grenada

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2 thoughts on “Tomas is, suddenly, a hurricane …

  1. And Bermuda gets clobbered once again.

    According to my scientifical calculationses, this constitutes definitive proof that, sad to say, somebody on that once-sunny isle has been doing teh buttsecks.

    If they don’t repent, and more importantly stop doing that, before long the entire island will be a suburb of Atlantis.

  2. Oops, comment # 1 should’ve gone to the Shary post.

    But I somehow suspect sodomy might also be a factor here and there about the Caribbean, despite warnings from Christopher Columbus & Company.

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