Hello Shary and Tomas

I was wrong. I was expecting Right Eye to turn into Shary, and it did but I was expecting Left Eye to turn into Tomas, but it dissipated. Mouth turned into Tomas.

In any event, we have two new named storms in the Atlantic. One more and we’ll run out of names!


Shary, a tropical storm, is the little roundish thing near the top of the satellite image. Bottom line: This storm might barely reach hurricane strength and it might not, and by the time the Vikings-Patriots game is over, it will have been absorbed into a front which I believe may be a wave that came off of the supermegagigundastorm we had earlier this week.

Live by the weather, die by the weather.

Tomas, on the other hand (quite visible in the above image), is going to be a hurricane. The transition will be some time this weekend, as the storm passes between the northern edge of South America and the Antilles, grazing the southern edge of the Domincan Republic and Haiti before midweek next week.

Tomas has cranked up its winds faster than expected, so special advisories are being issued. The storm is also getting bigger faster than expected.

If you are anywhere in the vicinity, read this advisory. Here’s a flash animation of the storm.

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