The Minnesota Third Congressional District: Vote for Jim Meffert

I am represented in the US House of Representatives by Erik Paulsen. I’ve not heard much from Erik since his election two years ago because he doesn’t tell us much. But I don’t need to hear from him, really, because he is, for all intents and purposes, a clone of Michele Bachmann, the nutbag who represents the yahoos of the district next to mine. As I’ve previously blogged (and I’m reposting this later today) Erik Paulsen votes in lockstep with Michele Bachmann, differing only in trivial ways. So, if I want to know how the guy who represents me in the House is doing, and what he is up to, I just check the news, which tends to cover Bachmann pretty throughly because she is such a freak of nature, and see what she’s doing. And Erik will be there sniffing her butt and doing whatever she tells him to.

Not that I disdain the guy or anything. But officially, this blog endorses the DFL Candidate Jim Meffert for the Third.

And, I quickly add, I do not endorse Jim because he is not Paulsen. When he started his campaign, I contacted his staff and intensively grilled them regarding Meffert’s position on each issue. He and I are pretty much in agreement on everything, and I will be very happy to be represented by him in Washington. Meffert will make an excellent Congressperson.

The race is close, according to certain polls. If you’d like to help a guy out, click here and send Meffert ten bucks or so.

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2 thoughts on “The Minnesota Third Congressional District: Vote for Jim Meffert

  1. I sent emails to Paulsen during the last two years to give my views or ask questions. I would get an email reply that was opposite of what I had said and thanked for my support. It was obvious to me the subject was picked and a pat reply sent.
    Jim Ramstad had a townhome meeting in Brooklyn Park or Brooklyn Center during his breaks. I believe Paulsen has had none in either of these towns. He sticks pretty close to the high income Edina, Minnetonka, etc.

  2. I live in the 3rd district. I attended Erik Paulsen’s town hall meeting the summer of 2009 when the healthcare debate was at it’s zenith. The first comment from Mr.Paulsen was him stating he was against the U.S. Government having any involvement in ANY healthcare programs. Mr. Paulson has supported Rep. Ryan’s (R-WI) Roadmap for America plan that would dismantle Medicare and provide vouchers to seniors for buying medical coverage in the private market from insurance companies. Unfortunately, the vouchers are not indexed to inflation. With medical costs increasing over 10% per year, the voucher’s buying power will be worth half their value in seven years.
    I find it so interesting that Mr. Paulsen’s campaign ads depict him as a protector of Medicare. And so sad that people are naive enough to believe him.

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