If you are gay and you marry a gay person, it’s like you married a dog

According to Rebecca Kleefisch Republican, the Republican candidate for Wisconsin Lt. Governor.

“This is a slippery slope,” Kleefisch said. “In addition to that at what point are we going to be okay marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table or this, you know, clock? Can we marry dogs?

“This is ridiculous,” continued Kleefisch. “And biblically, again, I’m going to go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs marriage is between one man and one woman.”

Wisconsin is obviously full of morons. Chances are they are actually going to elect this Michel Bachmann clone and throw out Russ Feingold. Wisconsin, would you please move so you are not the next state over? Thank you very much.


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13 thoughts on “If you are gay and you marry a gay person, it’s like you married a dog

  1. I seem to remember that one of the most fundamental tenets
    of the bible that was a prerequisite for Christian salvation
    was “Judge Not Less Ye Be Judged”!

  2. Apologies; All I can think of is this old joke:

    How do you tell who is the bride at a WASP (White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant) wedding?

    She’s the one kissing the dog.

  3. Well, not full of morons. Because there are a few of us who think Johnson’s an embarrassment and Kleefisch…um… Kleefisch is…

    OK, my vocabulary fails me. Guess I am a moron.

  4. “I forget who put it this way, but biblically, marriage was between one man and as many women as he could afford.”

    Actually, Biblically, it was between one fiction and as many fictions as the writer could dream up…!

  5. I am here in Wisconsin. I did a lot of research on candidates for governor. Both major party candidates are infamous for destroying local economies. The only person I can vote for is a write in candidate named Hari Trivedi, who has absolutely no chance of winning. Wisconsin voters might want to look him up as a possible protest vote. Current prospects for my state’s elected officials make me ill.

  6. See now, that hurts. We aren’t all bigoted morons over here! The problem we’re having in this election is a distinct lack of decent candidates. Besides Russ Feingold, who should be an obvious choice (I’ll concede that point to you, we are idiots for trying to throw him out), our choices are between morons and incompetents. It’s tough to decide which one is worse.

  7. Which biblical beliefs about marriage is she supporting?

    The polygamous patriarchs like Solomon?

    David who (according to the bible) had his general murdered so he could take said general’s widow?

    Or Jesus who never married but hung around with twelve guys & one hooker?

    Because I can’t afford polygamy, don’t want to murder anyone & am a little queasy about gangbanging hookers which leaves me no biblical marriage to follow.

  8. to Morons in Wisconsin … if you have two bad apples … you ignore the matching bad and compare the rest ,,, there is a difference between shooting yourself in the foot and shooting yourself in the head! This is NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!

  9. Rob @ 11:

    Actually, I don’t believe Mary Magdalene was a hooker, just the thirteenth apostle. The prostitute that Jesus purportedly forgave didn’t turn into a groupie, and the woman who washed his feet wasn’t Mary Magdalene.

    IIRC Mary Magdalene was portrayed in a negative light by early proponents of the “gospels”, because her presence threatened the supremacy of their penii.

    As for Biblical precedent – someone should remind Kleefisch of David and Jonathan.

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