Tim Profitt Issued Summons, Whines

Rand Paul’s henchman, alleged assailant Tim Profitt (“The Stomper”) has been summoned before a judge on assault charges . Profitt has started whining about his safety being in danger and claims to have received numerous death threats after he and his buddies wrestled an unarmed woman to the ground and stomped on her at a political rally because they did not like her opinion.

He now claims that the reason that he stomped the victim, political activist and 90 pound weakling Lauren Valle, on the head is because he has a bad back and could not bend down, presumably to punch her on the head.

The libertarian campaign worker also complains that none of this would have happened if only the government had intervened earlier as he had requested. Profitt claims to not have known what Valle was up to, and to have been frightened by her presence (thus, stomping her head after a failed plan, because of back trouble, to punch the bitch out) and then he claimed that he knew who she was and what she was up to and had requested government intervention to stop her from speaking her mind.

Valle, the victim of Tim Profitt’s Teabagging Rage, is a member of Moveon.org, seen by the right wing as a cancer on society because it attempts to advance thoughtful progressive policies and candidates.

Profitt’s insistence that things would have worked out OK if only government agents had intervened earlier, anticipating his tantrum and stopping it before it happened, is consistent with his (and his colleague, Rand Paul’s) Libertarian philosophy: Keep the government out of things unless you need them, then complain that they are not doing enough.


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24 thoughts on “Tim Profitt Issued Summons, Whines

  1. I know nothing about the incident. But after disarming ACORN, wrongly on a fraud, I suppose MoveOn.org is the next obvious target for the money behind the tea baggers. The rage being shown is legitimate. The orchestration and orientation of things by the cash sources – top down and not at all grassroot – is not finding its way into mainstream media as a potential matter of public interest. While FOX co-conspires, nobody else with a heavy readership or viewership is calling out the fraud. Have you any idea why this might be?

  2. You know, if you tried to write a novel about this teabag farce, in all its aspects, the publishers would reject it as “too unrealistic”. The conversation in the publisher’s office would probably sound like that Bob Newhart’s routine about Sir Walter Raleigh:


    I can hear it now; “..and then the christian candidate puts out a video where she tells the voters that she is NOT a witch…”.

    I refuse to purchase any more irony detectors.

  3. Why, oh why can’t the government keep me from having to take responsibility for my actions? SWAT teams should ride in on unicorns only when the situation might call for it.

  4. He couldn’t help himself,he just misstepped his foot on her neck and face after someone tackled a little 90 pound woman to the asphalt and curb.Darn curbs…

  5. After watching the video a few times, I believe that Profitt’s intent was to restrain Valle — which of course he had no right to do — rather than to stomp her, although it indeed became a stomp. I’m even prepared to believe that he thought he was acting to protect Rand Paul from violence, although there was no apparent basis for expecting violence — thus the incident would be more a reflection of right wing paranoia than of authoritarianism or contempt for their enemies.

  6. Nemo, there is evidence that four or five guys conspired, knowing that Valle was coming, to do this to her (or something like it). Rand Paul was not in immediate danger. One does not put one’s foot on a person that you’ve just toppled to the ground, though I agree that this “stomping” could have been just something very clumsy.

    But no, these guys probably had a plan, probably knew she was coming, probably chased her around the car a couple of times, caught up with her, dragged her to the ground, and Ron Paul was no where near the event when it started (maybe near the end, I’m not sure).

    Too bad there is not video starting a bit earlier, we’d know more.

  7. “Ron Paul” at top should be “Rand Paul”

    Btw Nemo, there are death threats to people from all over the political spectrum. Unfortunately, that isn’t a type of behavior limited to one end.

  8. Yeah, I make that mistake all the time . I wonder why.

    Joshua, well, it sort of is. You don’t see candidates, spokespeople, sign-carriers at rallies, people with yard signs, etc. burning the other guy in effigy, calling for people to bring their guns (which are killing machines) to rallies, talking about “second amendment remedies” (a not even thinly veiled suggestions that if the other candidate wins, someone should shoot them to death with a firearm) etc. coming from the Democrats. Nothing like that Nada. Zip.

    It is already established that when the black man got elected president the number of threats the Secret Service handled went through the roof.

    Saying it isn’t limited to one end (of the spectrum) is technically true. It is also true that there is dog shit on my rug and dog shit in the gutter. But the dog shit on my rug are molecules that are everywhere in nearly undetectable amounts, and the dogshit in the gutter comes in whopping big stinking obvious piles.

    (Or, insert better metaphor here: _____________________________)

  9. I’m glad that Greg picked up on the contradictions of Stomper Profitt’s different stories. Let’s note too how “politically correct” Profitt claimed to be when, seeing a lone woman expressing her freedom of speech with a sign Stompter disagreed with immediately, he claims, ran to the police to have them intervene against the sign carrier.

  10. Since the woman was in the act of expressing her political views could this act also be viewed as a violation of her civil rights and therefore a federal crime as well?

  11. Greg, I agree that this sort of behavior is at this point in time much more heavily associated with one side of the political spectrum than the other. I was merely replying to Nemo’s comment that he doesn’t believe tht Profitt would have had any death threats. The point is that although that sort of thing is much more associated with the right at this time, some of that crap still comes from the left end of the political spectrum. (To use what may be a bad comparison there’s a lot more anti-intellectualism and anti-science attitudes on the right than on the left, but a glance at HuffPo shows that there’s still a fair bit on the left. The situation regarding death threats is somewhat similar.)

  12. Oh, no I have made a few threats myself to his facebook, which I can no longer get into, No death threats but more like “try that shit on me, and I better not catch you in my neck of the woods.” with more foul language These people are just a bunch of bullies and I learned in grade school bullies are just bitches that hide it with fake toughness

  13. You know, Charlie, I wrote an entire blog post about the cowardice of the teabaggers, and I managed to do it without once suggesting that the problem was that they were female instead of male. Could you try to do the same?

  14. The guy probably did get a death threat from Randy Paul!

    Irony Alert! These dumb blondes are always getting their heads in the way of someone’s foot!

    Where is the outrage about this? !!! Why is the guy still stomping around? !!!

  15. Damn! If people don’t have the right to stomp on other people’s necks, is this the kind of world we want to live in?

  16. I would never encourage people to threaten Tim Profitt. Nor would I tell them to find out where he lives, drag him out of his house and curb stomp his punk ass until all his teeth shatter. I would never ever tell people to hit him in that bad back with a baseball bat. That would be a terrible thing.

  17. wow this article isnt biased as all hell. so let me get this straight, being a ’90 lb weaking’ permits you to attack someone comming into the RNC? It seems to me that all you ‘peace loving libs’ sure to have a lot of violence on your side. shall we talk about kenneth gladly? or how about the man who got his finger ‘peacefully’ bitten off by one of you crazy aholes. liberals like you amaze me. you consitantly attack others both verbally and physically then cry foul when we fight back. dont be pissed at us. you KNOW what she was doing so quit lying. next time dont send a woman to do a mans job. oh wait you guys are progressives..there isnt any men there..only weak little emo pussies who can only engage in sneak attacks. dont worry as you saw in 2010 you are gonna get ass raped again

  18. P Redd – and i certainly wouldnt advise any tea part member bend you over and butt pump you like the tea party did your whore mother. now would i advise they got yo your house and set it on fire. because we all know lil lib kids like you dont have the balls to face any of us te party members in person. sit down and shut up fag!

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