23 thoughts on “This is our future if the teabaggers take over

  1. Curious what anyone sees in this video that makes them think the teabaggers have a snowball’s chance in hell of taking over.

  2. The irony here is that many of the teabaggers go on to complain about crimes committed by illegal immigrants and don’t mind assaulting (note: this is called a “crime”) the people that disagree with them.

  3. Oh, yes. More proof that teabaggers are scared little babies. Poor things couldn’t handle someone offering Paul a fake award without collecting several of them to beat her up. There’s the kind of bravery we need to put our country back on track.

    Fucking cowards.

  4. Bob Palin, you are a dick. In this society, we do not as individuals decide who we feel to be worthy of beating up based on personal dislikes or politics. If you don’t like this civilized country, why don’t you leave it?

  5. I guess Ol Rupert Murdoch making his websites paywalled means the Conservative trolls will be out in force. I love how they justify political violence because the girl (*GIRL* for F’s sake!) thrown to the ground and pressed into the curb with some big man’s foot on her neck has a prior record as a professional protestor. All of a sudden she’s unhinged and a leftist and a paid agitator trying to ‘set up’ Paul.

  6. Tea party man, if man he is, wrote, among other things “What did this libertard agitator do to get pounded in the first place? There had to be some smartass comment made or some violent threat made or some of that left wing profanity spewed or something of the left’s violent nature to spur this incident.”

    So we are back to blaming the victim, are we? There is NO provocation which can be used to justify the assault by five grown men on one young women.

    The Constitution, which you claim to revere, guarantees certain rights to ALL citizens, not just the people you agree with.

  7. Holy crap your country’s messed up. Every time I see more about the tea party movement down there, I just get more and more stunned that the rest of you haven’t just packed up and moved here to Canada.

    I don’t even know why there’s a debate here. Your country claims an inalienable right to free speech, and the right that all persons have to peaceful protest. From the short video clip (I do wish it were longer and more context given), it seems that this girl wasn’t doing anything outside the scope of “peaceful protest” — and even if she were, the people restraining her weren’t officers of the law and therefore weren’t the ones who should have been stepping in (vigilante justice is still illegal down there, right? It’s hard to keep track). The most they could have legally done is place her under citizen’s arrest, in a peaceful manner without using force. They overstepped that line — left the line way in the distance behind them, actually — and therefore they should be in jail for assault. No argument possible, without undermining your own constitutional rights (something that tea party members claim to be all about upholding).

    The actions of a few idiots don’t really shock me. I have very little faith in humanity as a whole, especially when that “whole” starts breaking up into little groups based on arbitrary traits like race and sexual orientation and whether you were born in a specific geographic zone. The fact that people are actually defending those idiots’ actions, though? That still has the power to surprise and appall me. The only way for the tea party to maintain any semblance of sanity would be for them to categorically and vehemently condemn all incidents like this one, encouraging their members to shape up and fly right, and pursuing prosecution for those who transgressed. But they never do that. In every example I’ve seen of such excesses (and this is only the most recent of many), there are always other tea party members jumping to the defense of the idiots, and no one condemning from within the group.

    Seriously, just move to Canada — we can let the tea baggers close the borders and have their isolationist policies until they all shoot each other, and then make the U.S. into a Canadian territory.

  8. Replying to Bob Palin at #5:

    “A WELL DESERVED, but much too gentle, BEAT DOWN.”

    If you actually believe that you need anger management counseling right now. You’re a danger to your fellow citizens.

    There is no valid reason for assault in this situation. Period. Full stop.

  9. I hereby declare “Tea party man” a terrorist. I further declare the asshole who posted as “Bob Palin” in post number 5 a terrorist. These terrorists have no value to society, and they have devoted themselves to a cult that exists to undermine the United States of America and commit crimes against US citizens. Both of them are now required to immediately turn themselves in to Homeland Security for detainment at Gitmo. Conveniently, these terrorists have endorsed indefinite detention, torture, or murder without trial or recourse for anyone accused of being a terrorist, so they should have no problem submitting themselves to such sentence.

    Get the fuck out of my country, you traitorous terrorist swine, and take your sick death cult with you!

  10. are you crybabies seriously still whining about ACORN? seriously!? that just proves how paranoid and pathetic you are. ACORN activists seem downright christian compared to the tea party and this stupid hick stomping a woman like he’s some kind of cowboy and she’s a calf. and i’m sure he didn’t “think it was a very big deal.” i’m sure he’s a wife beater too. this is just old hat for him.

    and let me tell you what, anybody who says these freaks are “regular americans” must have grown up in the suburbs somewhere. i was born in west virginia, and no, these aren’t normal people. these are the freaks, and you stupid suburbanites want to hand your political voice over to them?! what!? you just stopped caring, didn’t you? your racism has just turned your brain to jelly.

  11. Libby!!!! Holy shit. A conservative right wing yahoo who, while pseudonymous (out of embarrassment, I’m sure) actually has an identity! You must have one ball. Two, I’m not so sure about, but most of your pathetic sort have none.

    Oh, and no, I did not grow up in the suburbs. I was passed back and forth between the inner city and the woods where my parents would leave me now and then (but I always found my way back)

  12. Um, Greg, unless she’s a remarkably consistent parodist, I think Libby’s on your team, so you might want to hold off on the friendly fire.

  13. Ooops. Sorry, Libby my bad. Love your blog and stuff. It’s been a busy day.

    But this, of course, proves the point. It turns out that these right wingers NEVER have an identity.

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