Rand Paul Thuggery

In light of this recent story of Rand Paul reporters wrestling a woman to the ground and stepping on her head, I decided to post this political campaign note from Jack Conway’s campaign, because it contains parallel (and rather disturbing) information:

Rand Paul’s issue positions — and his prior conduct — are more than quirky or odd. They are wrong.

Not just because he thinks our seniors should be forced to pay a new $2,000 Medicare deductible. And not just because he wants a new 23% sales tax on everything nationwide — a tax that would penalize the poor and middle class.

I mean, he even questioned the constitutionality of the Civil Rights Act and opposes the Americans with Disabilities Act!

Some of the ways Rand Paul is wrong also seem a bit crazy. Like the woman who told GQ Magazine that Paul “blindfolded me, tied me up… [and] told me their God was ‘Aqua Buddha.'”

Rand is furious that this story is getting out there, just like he hates it that Jack keeps bringing up his support for a national “flat tax” that would mean the poor and middle class spending a much larger share of income on their taxes than even the richest of the rich.

He’s already refused to shake Jack Conway’s hand, and he threatened to stay home and pout rather than follow through on his commitment to participate in one more debate.

As we say in Texas, “a hit dog barks,” so Rand’s reaction tells me Jack Conway is doing something right.

Jack Conway’s offensive these past couple weeks been ruffling a few feathers.

It’s clearly giving Rand fits, but Jack has shown he has the courage to stick with it.

And in my experience, if you are running a campaign against someone who is wrong, it is always a smart strategy to make sure the voters know it.

After all, telling the truth about Rand Paul isn’t a strategy designed to get Rand Paul’s vote — it’s a strategy to get the people of Kentucky’s votes, and the polls show it’s working.

The people of Kentucky need to know the truth about Rand Paul, and Jack Conway’s running the ads that will tell them. Contribute $5 to keep Jack on the air.

Thanks for your support. This will be a huge win for Democrats if we can pull it out.


Paul Begala

Since I’m pilfering Paul’s letter, I should be fair and also point you to the link where you can donate money to Conway. Click here. I believe it is a close race, so donations would probably be a good idea.

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9 thoughts on “Rand Paul Thuggery

  1. Conservative American wrote about “wrestling the liberal abortionist down”. No, you apologist for thuggery, this was an assault by five grown men on a single female exercising her Constitutional and democratic rights. These thugs attacked her(assault), restrained her(kidnapping charges, anyone?), then four of them held her down while the fifth coolly and deliberately stamped on her head and neck. They could have killed her or caused permanent physical damage.

    And attempting to justify this thuggery by using stupid, dehumanising and distracting phrases like “liberal abortionist” and “libertard protester” merely point out that you have the moral and constitutional grasp of a brain damaged amoeba. If constitutional rights exist, and they still do in the USA, the last time I looked, then they apply to all. That means especially that they apply to people you may not like, or opinions you may not agree with.

    Do you want every political meeting to degenerate into a gunfight? Either you condemn this incident now, and insist on police action against those who perpetrated it, or you are in conflict with your own constitution, for a start.

    How do you know she is an abortionist? And what difference does that make? The medical specialisation in question is still legal in your country. You,sir or madam, are a moral vacuum, and an utter idiot.

  2. Conservative American is, I think, the local right-wing loon of many names. He appears to be entirely serious. He also seems to swallow anything he’s told about things like the SEIU “fight.” He’s probably too scared to go watch it himself and see what did happen.

    Funny thing is, if he did, he’d hear the people on the left saying, “Yes, even a small assault is wrong and should be prosecuted.” Pretty far cry from saying stepping on someone’s head isn’t enough, isn’t it?

  3. CA, all you have to do is read the press reports I’ve linked to. But, alas, that might require that you have functioning brain cells, so I suppose that is not going to happen. Dick.

  4. I’m kind of surprised you’ve chosen Jack Conway as a candidate to donate to– have you seen the ad he ran that hits Paul on not one of the issues (where I think you’d agree he’s wide open for some attacking), only on the fact that he once belonged to a club that “called the Holy Bible a hoax”? Are those the kind of ads that you really think people should support? If you’re serious about wanting atheism to be accepted and respected in America, Conway is not a cool dude. There are other candidates in tight races who deserve support much, much more.

  5. Ellen, Jack Conway is not Rand Paul. Rand Paul is a hard core Libertarian. That makes Jack Conway a saint. Right CA?

    And CA, I’m sure you never let any professor in school have any effect on you whatsoever. Obviously.

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