Country Western Star and Gun Nut Troy Gentry Kills a Bear in Minnesota

The following videos are freaky and disturbing in many ways.

What a dick. But wait, there’s more:

I’m not a big fan of “animal rights groups” (to say the least) in part because I see hypocrisy and muddled thinking whenever I look in their direction. But this is, indeed, a great example of very poor behavior. This guy Troy should be released in the woods and hunted down by a real bear, don’t you think?

I wonder if the dickless NASCAR-symp Country Western loving yahoos defend this. I mean, after all, a bear was killed. That’s a good thing, right?

I’ll have to check out this
Minnesota Wildlife Connection

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13 thoughts on “Country Western Star and Gun Nut Troy Gentry Kills a Bear in Minnesota

  1. I wonder if the dickless NASCAR-symp Country Western loving yahoos defend this.

    Do you really have any doubts on that? It’s just a bear, so they’ll defend it as his fundamental right according to the Bible (King James version) and the Constitution (Teabagger fantasy version). Heck, they’d probably defend him if he was hunting Mexicans or gays.

  2. There is no question that is one creepy and pathetic County and Western star. What was particularly nasty about this episode is that to boost the male insecurities of this creep, he had to kill the bear with an arrow, causing it unnecessary pain and suffering.
    However, I think it is a mistake to confuse the bear (which was cleverly named to make that association) with the family pet. As far as the operator was concerned it was more like a farm animal. Farm animals are also tame and we kill them all the time.
    Places like this exist all over the country, they are for-profit ranches that often breed rare animals for rich people to shoot for pleasure.
    I have a lot of hunter friends and none of them would be seen dead in such a place (though they have occasionally shot escapees from such establishments, and I remember at least one wild boar was delicious).
    But in some ways they are not bad for the environment. These ranches usually keep large acreages of land in a natural state. They do stock them, but there are plenty of other bird and animal species that can live with the game and get a great habitat. Many of the animals are tame, but like farm animals they would have no life unless they were going to be harvested. Since they are tame and since most of the hunters use guns, death is usually as clean and quick as it would be for a farm animal (I have seen some of those get a bit messy too).
    So on the one hand I can see some benefit. On the other I have complete contempt for their customers.
    Oh and by the way he got fined something like $15,000 for some reporting infraction. While some of the details were illegal the basic idea was not.

  3. Sailor, sort of. Many states to not allow hunters to kill animals held in pens, like this one. The video mentions cage-raised pheasants … that is actually quite common. The birds are raised as per farm animals, but then released to live “free” on a range. But then men with guns and dogs come and shoot the ones that can’t get away, and bring them home and we eated them. Yum. My father in law is in semi-retirement so we get a lot of pheasant!

    But this particular case is not only icky, as you say, but even among examples of “canned hunting” this one is rare and in Minnesota illegal.

  4. Yes the caged part was also bad. But I wonder how much difference there is if you have them on 200 acres and put food out for them regularly under tree stands? I understand this is regularly done. In some ways it might even be kinder – the animal is going to be shot, the last thing the ranch owner wants is some inexperienced creep wounding it and not killing it quickly. It doesn’t make the shooter feel good and is bad for business, so I think the deal is get them close and give them a dead easy shot.
    I personally find it all very creepy.

  5. Sailor, bear hunting involves putting out bait and waiting while hiding in a tree for a bear to come by for its nth treat.

    I used to think this was totally unfair and dumb. But, as I said, I study hunting, so I gave it a try. I went out with a bear hunter several times, not for the hunt but for the prep … it was near our cabin up north so it was easy to do … and I changed my mind about it a tiny bit. It actually is harder than it looks to get the bears to take your treats, because a) in a given area of forest dozens of hunters have put out five to ten baits, so there is no shortage and b) the bears, I think, get it … the part about the guy in the tree with the gun after a certain date. My hunter friend had two co-hunters join him. THe blinds were well placed and well made, the baits well done, and had been visited multiple times.

    Nobody got a bear.

    But, although I now realize that it is harder that I previously thought, I still think it is not a proper way to hunt a bear. Baiting fine, but if you bait, you should get rid of the tree stand and the firearms. Just you and a couple of friends, on foot, with spears. THAT is a rush. Well, I’ve never done it with a bear, but I’ve done it with much more dangerous animals and it is quite a challenge.

  6. “Well, I’ve never done it with a bear, but I’ve done it with much more dangerous animals and it is quite a challenge.”

    Ah, we need posts about that. You may have already made them, but there are times I am away from computers so I could have missed it.

  7. Now where will God find bears to eat those kids who tease bald prophets? Bad Troy!

    PS – typical pseudo-macho BS. He didn’t even shoot a friend in the face. What gives?

  8. “I’ve never done it with a bear, but… ”

    I’ve got to learn to edit my self more carefully to avoid quote mining….”


  9. TROY is a B*TCH and i hope when he meets his maker and walks in front of those white pearly gates, St.Peter ask what sins , have you commented !! they remind him of “CUBBY” and the floor comes from under him and he boils in HELL!>> he is the WHITE Michael VICK!! Dogs bears.. No difference!!
    Just another piece of righteous Sh*T,I can do what i want! Celebrity,
    HEY!!! TROY hunting now is about thinning the heard so others can survive not killing an old bear with bad teeth.
    I hope your kids!!! (If any would admit being your kid)
    Loses all respect for you. Who would want a loser like you as a dad!!… DO this.. Take your bow and expensive gear all alone and take off for grizzly country, see if your bow and arrow can kill a really healthy … untamed bear!!Was a fan,, not anymore … you make real hunters look like Crapo!! Let me guess your traveling to Texas next and find you a chained up Tiger who does not have chance and loading up that ,, arrow set of yours … I guess money can buy you a life !!Any life does not matter,, how about traveling to Iraq and shooting something that shoots back ,… Coward!!

  10. I had to look him up – he’s a celebrity? Wow, we can’t find better heroes? What a loser; shooting former exotic pets inside of electric fences. I wonder who built his stand for him. What’s he famous for – real manly-man tunes? Haha.

  11. I had never heard of Troy Gentry before I saw his pathetic display on Inside Edition. Oh, how I wish I had not turned it on that day, and spared myself the sickening site of a demented, twisted man shooting a poor, tame, caged Bear. I don’t know how much lower a person can get than this. To find out that he pretended that he shot this animal in the wild, is beyond despicable and is a window into this man’s character-or lack there of. Anyone who was fan of this spineless, coward, should boycott his music and let him feel some of the pain and suffering he caused that poor, old creature. I can not even find the words to express how disgusted I am or how depressing the video (which I had to turn off) is. Gentry, you should be so ashamed of yourself. How did you find joy in causing that harmless animal misery? How did you smile and enjoy yourself? How did you sleep that night knowing that you murdered for the fun of it, and for no other reason than try to look macho. What you look like is a big, blood thirsty, cowardly, loser. How would you like it if someone paid to put you in a cage when you are old and stuck an arrow through you? That animal deserved better than he got and I hope you get what you deserve. The video will play in infinity on the internet to remind everyone what a jerk you are. I think the fines levied were too small. You should spend time in prison. Maybe someone there can show you what it feels like to be mistreated.

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