14 thoughts on “Art Robinson vs. Rachel Maddow. Advantage, Maddow.

  1. I am very impressed by the restraint Rachel showed to this ass. I would’ve been screaming at this guy to SHUT UP ABOUT YOUR OPPONENT AND ANSWER THE FIRST DANG QUESTION!

  2. Maddow has the advantage most of the time: she’s smart and she does her homework. Robinson is another of those examples of how it’s actually pretty easy to make money, as long as you have no moral compass and don’t give a shit about people. (Many such examples; every televangelist for instance.)

  3. Thanks for posting this, Greg. Art Robinson has been getting dangerously close to DeFazio’s lead… Oregon can’t afford someone this crazy in power, and the country can’t either. (Incidentally, he talks about how much money DeFazio’s throwing around… but it’s worth mentioning that Art Robinson has raised more money than any other Oregon candidate.)

  4. I’m not completely happy with how Maddow handles this interview (She doesn’t unambiguously interrupt him at around 15:10 which seems to be not an interruption due to the satellite judging from the fact that she raisers her volume. And there’s pretty strong evidence for some forms of radiation hormesis in lab animals so the idea it happens in people isn’t intrinsically crazy.) but this fellow Robinson comes across as a complete ass (He’s wrong about the delay being just the speed of light, it isn’t a straight-line direct link.) His attempts to repeatedly go back to his talking points about DeFazio is so transparent it almost is funny. I do have to wonder how someone who handles an interview this badly could have gotten anywhere as far as Robinson has.

  5. Art Robinson is AWESOME. He should be kept as far away as humanly possible from public office, of course. But he is full of HILARIOUS crazy. This interview is the least of it.

    @Joshua Zelinsky- I was most troubled by Rachel Maddow picking up on the radiation thing as THE proof he is crazy. Not because I want to justify nuclear power, but because of a totally absolutist fear of all radiation is pretty unscientific itself. Still, I kinda feel that, for public policy purposes, if you *really* want to make the argument that a given level of radiation is beneficial, you need to publicly subject your nads to that level (and not after you’ve already had your 6 kids). Or, not publicly, in the case of unappealing nads… but perhaps we can get some type of go between to verify it.

  6. I’m far less concerned by his ideas abou hormesis, and far more concerned with his opinions on public education. Oregon’s state education is already grossly underfunded, and Robinson’s opinion on the matter is “abolish public education and buy my homeschool curriculum!”

  7. Yeah, Ben@10, he does, because nobody else is gonna.

    Saw it when it first came on too, and it’s just so grade-A crazy that I pushed it out of my head and buried my brain in work stuff because at least that, while taxing, is sane and follows the laws of logic rather than the illogic of politics. Which Art here is most certainly versed in — as politics these days has become nothing better than a shouting match where you vie for as much time to smear your opponent and scream about being smeared by everyone asking you a question as humanly possible.

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