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Richard? Richard!

There is a disturbance in the force. Well, actually, in the Caribbean. It is not named yet, but by the weekend it is likely that Richard will be the next named Atlantic storm. Richard is now a named tropical storm (named “Richard,” interestingly enough) in the Caribbean, with a likely path across the Yucatan.

Richard will probably be a hurricane by Saturday, move over land, weaken to a tropical storm, then emerge in the gulf to start it’s new life, in about four days. This could actually be a fairly serious storm for those in the Yucatan.

The sea surface temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico are not very high right now, so the chance of Richard reforming as a major hurricane are not very high.

Citizens of Illinois: Alert! Alert! Creationist Alert!

I just received this dispatch from Monica Metzler, President of the Illinois Science Council. This is important.

The current leading candidate in the Illinois Governor’s race has acknowledged his belief in intelligent design and his willingness to permit individual school districts to allow it to be taught. Teaching ID in schools isn’t a top campaign issue and doesn’t get addressed in debates, but the outcome of this election could mean a disastrous turning point for Illinois schools and science in general. The situation in Illinois is such that if Sen. Brady wins, many school districts in the southern half of the state may pursue teaching creationism in schools. …

This clip is State Senator Bill Brady who is the Republican candidate for Illinois Governor in an editorial board interview. Brady is from southern Illinois and extremely conservative both fiscally and on social issues. This is a very heated and close race for governor. Brady was ahead in polls for several weeks but the race is now very close between him and the Democratic candidate, current Governor Patrick Quinn.

Also, in a Congressional race in the very large 14th district, State Senator Randy Hultgren is challenging Congressman Bill Foster in an extremely tight contest. Congressman Foster is currently one of only 3 physicists in Congress. (The others are Vernon Ehlers of Michigan who is retiring, and Rush Holt of New Jersey who is in a close race.) This seat has been targeted by the Republican Congressional Committee and the Tea Party for takeover. It is a swing district (previously held by former House Speaker Dennis Hastert) and if Congressman Foster loses, it will be tough to win this seat back. This clip shows Hultgren stating his belief in intelligent design and willingness to allow school districts to permit it.

The contentiousness of campaigns nationally and the general disaffection people have with politics means most voters know very little about the candidates. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you can provide in getting the word out about these candidates. In races this tight, every bit helps.

This is the web site of the guy who is running against the creationist in the governors race (he is the current gov.)

Here is scientist and congressperson Bill Foster’s web site.

Separation of church and state? Pastor Brad Brandon thumbs his nose at it.

And the feds have taken notice…

Pastor Brad Brandon’s loves to talk about the scriptures on his daily radio show, but it was what he spoke from the pulpit of his church, Berean Bible Baptist in Hastings, which has the attention of the federal government.

The 11 candidates he endorsed are listed on the church’s website. The list includes Republican Tom Emmer for Governor, eight other republicans, an independent and a constitution candidate.

Brandon responded to a complaint by the Americans United for Separation of Church and State with the most moronic, idiotic, bone headed response conceivable:

“I think it’s very interesting that the Americans United for Separation of Church and State — that is the name of their organization — and yet what they are asking that the government come in and stop me from saying things? How is that separation of church and state?” said Brandon.

Then, he took his stupidity one step further:

“I’d love to see the IRS do something. I’d love to fight this in court and I would love to see a judge look me in the eye and say that the Johnson Amendment is constitutional,” said Brandon.

Good idea. Taunt the judge. Brilliant.

Although perhaps there is hope for the pastor, even if it is bad news for the rest of us. The IRS has so far failed to pursue any of the 100 or so complaints filed this year by Americans United for Separation of Church and State. WTF IRS?


Hat Tip Jaf.