Ira Flatow Interview: Mark Your Calendars for Sunday, October 24th …

… for the truly ungodly time of 9:00 AM Central Time to listen to Air America’s “The Voice of Minnesota” Atheist Talk Radio Show on KTNF AM 950.


Ira Flatow (photo)

aDNA (that’s “art-DNA”) artist and sciJournalist Lynn Fellman and I will have a conversation with Ira Flatow of Talk of the Nation’s Science Friday about science communication, media, and the role of media.

The idea for having this conversation originated with the recent news of changes in the support available for Ira Flatow’s show. To get the latest information about this (and to learn how we all overreacted to the scary news that important funding was vaporizing!) have a look at Ira’s blog post on the topic.

You may not be able to listen live to this station station from where you are. I don’t even get it from where I am and I’m in the same metro area. But you can listen to it live on the KTNF web site, although I believe for reasons of FCC regulation ([snark] they do such a great job, don’t they? protecting our civic interests and stuff all the time, the FCC?[/snark]) you have to live near the station to listen to it on line. The special super dooper security system to check this is you enter “your” Minnesota zip code (like, for instance, 55433 or whatever) into the box and then the web page knows you live near but not too near the station.

In any event, Minnesota Atheists web site will have the podcast a few days after the show is over. Here. Check my blog every few minutes for more information on that.

Please use the social networking buttons below to spread the word about this show to all your friends and family. Thank you very much.

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4 thoughts on “Ira Flatow Interview: Mark Your Calendars for Sunday, October 24th …

  1. Oh, DNLee, you should listen to all of them! The reason that they restrict it to a Minnesota zip code is, I think because of the local advertising.

    Since we at the Minnesota Atheists pay for the hour, I don’t think that people outside of Minnesota should be blocked from listening so I don’t feel guilty for sharing the zip code ‘secret.’

    I can’t wait to meet Ira.

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